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Montage of Sunday Aryang

When Sunday Aryang couldn’t play basketball at her Midvale primary school, she thought she’d give netball a go.

With KidSport support and a talent scout who saw her potential, Sunday’s netball career skyrocketed. Now the champion netballer can’t imagine doing anything else.

“I’d seen netball on TV but wasn’t really drawn to the sport. I kind of didn’t like it at first,” said Sunday.

“But I do remember going to my first ever netball carnival, I towered over most of the girls. Sue Stacey (development officer at Swan Districts Netball Association) noticed me and asked if I was interested in playing for her local Illusions NetballClub.”

“KidSport helped me to continue playing the sport that I loved. With four kids that all played sport my parents had quite a few expenses in uniforms, competitions, and other fees,” said Sunday.

At the age of 18, Sunday made her debut for the West Coast Fever and now, at 21, is in the Australian Diamonds Squad.

Sunday found that playing netball was a big boost for her confidence.

“I was a shy girl and feared meeting new people. I remember thinking about all the media and interviews elite athletes had to do and feared having to do the same.”

“Netball was a great way to get me out of my comfort zone. I learnt how to interact with all kinds of people, and it’s helped grow me into the person I am today.”

“I’m a lot more capable speaking about myself. I’ve learnt that my experiences are a lot different to others, and people really like hearing about my culture, my experiences living in Australia and the hardships and accomplishments that come with moving to a new country.”

Sunday plans to share her personal journey and success with sport to help others from a similar background.

“One of my goals is to be a part of a multicultural program that helps kids from different walks of life get into sport, especially netball.”

“I’m very grateful for the position that I’m in and can’t thank the people that helped me enough. I look back at where I started and can’t believe all the accomplishments I’ve made.”

“I’ve watched both my sisters achieve so much too and can’t wait to play alongside my younger sister. Netball makes me so happy, but it makes me even happier that not only me, but all my siblings were able to get so much out of it.”

Page reviewed 21 July 2022