Regional Athlete Support Program

Developing young regionally-based talented athletes to train and compete in regional WA.


The State Government invest $3 million into talented athletes, coaches and officials regional areas from 2021 through to 2023.


The Regional Athlete Support Program is a statewide network supporting regional-based talented athletes, coaches and officials which allows athletes to continue their development and progress along the athlete pathway from their home environment.

Key outcomes

  • Support a high quality daily training environment for regional athletes in identified regions in conjunction with the State Sporting Associations and Regional Sporting Associations.
  • Facilitate regional athletes' access to high quality coaching and sport specialist services.
  • Support the access and participation in high level competition for talented regional athletes.
  • To build sustainability of the Regional Talent Development Network through alignment and inclusion in the strategic planning of key regional stakeholders.

    Guiding principles

    • Each region’s talent development needs is identified by various means and verified by State Sporting Associations
    • Stakeholders and local service providers who can be involved in supporting talent development in each region are identified and engaged.
    • A region owned and sustainable entity is established to coordinate talent development.
    • A regional talent development plan is developed.

    Key result areas

    • Support identified State Sporting Associations to develop and implement effective regional talent development operational plans and programs.
    • Lead a coordinated approach to the development of a regional talent development system by engaging key internal and external stakeholders and expertise.
    • Facilitate statewide, across industry regional talent development initiatives that add value to State Sporting Associations and regional talent development operational plans.
    • Support individual athletes through financial assistance for training and competition e.g. entry fees, gym memberships, travel to training camps, travel to competitions etc.

    Key regional academy partners

    Talent development programs

    • Great Southern Sports Talent Association
    • Broome Sports Association — Regional Talent Development Program
    • Goldfields-Esperance District Recreation Association — Talent Development Program
    • Goldfields — Goldfields Sport Development Foundation
    • Gascoyne Talent Development Program
    • Pilbara Academy of Sport Program
    • Wheatbelt Academy of Sport Program.

    Regional sports associations

    Broome Sports Association

    Mark Hubbard
    Telephone 61 8 9191 4356

    Esperance Talent Development Program

    Geoff Poole
    Telephone 0488 714 059

    Goldfields Sports Development Network

    Tony Chisholm (Chairman)

    Great Southern Academy of Sport

    Rob Perisic — Executive Officer
    Telephone 0498 759 937

    Mid West Academy of Sport

    Darren Winterbine
    Telephone 0487 846 283

    Peel Regional Academy of Sports

    Tracey Van Der Laan
    Telephone 0409 267 867

    Pilbara Sports Academy

    Toby Cotterell
    Telephone: 0418 232 191

    South West Academy of Sport

    Bernice Butlion
    Telephone 0428 954 504

    Wheatbelt Athlete Support Program

    Samantha Cornthwaite
    Telephone 61 8 9690 2400

    More information

    Regional Athlete Support Program funding is allocated over three years with the current cycle being 2021-2023.

    Troy Jones
    Director Regional Services — Sport and Recreation
    Telephone 61 8 9792 6942
    Page reviewed 14 February 2024