Greyhounds often start their life as racing greyhounds. 

Grehounds as pets

In WA, racing greyhounds are registered with Racing and Wagering Western Australia.

When greyhounds are retired from racing, they are deregistered and can be adopted as pets through the Greyhounds as Pets program, or through other animal rescue and adoption organisations.

Greyhounds and the law  

While the Dog Act 1976 generally applies to all dogs in WA, racing greyhounds are exempt from some provisions within the Dog Act.  

This is because registered racing greyhounds must comply with additional rules and requirements stipulated by Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA).    

Retired racing (pet) greyhounds are subject to the provisions of the Dog Act 1976 but are not subject to the RWWA requirements and regulations.

Greyhounds in public places

The Dog Act 1976 currently requires that when in a public place, racing greyhounds must:

  • be on a lead when in a public place; and
  • wear a muzzle when in a public place, unless they have completed a prescribed training program.

As of 23 December 2021, pet greyhounds in a public place are still required to be on a lead but are not required to wear a muzzle. However, to assist greyhounds with the transition to retirement from racing, owners may opt to enrol their pet greyhound in a relevant training program.

Adopting a greyhound  

Greyhounds can make wonderful pets.

Page reviewed 23 February 2024