Inquiry hearings conditions of entry

Hearing room proceedings need to be conducted in a safe, secure and orderly environment. There are, therefore, certain restrictions and requirements that apply to those attending inquiry hearings.


  • Enter and leave quietly (do not interrupt proceedings).
  • Bow your head to the Commissioner when you enter and before you leave.
  • Stand and bow your head when the Commissioner enters or leaves the hearing room.
  • Dress appropriately (no hats, sunglasses, thongs or singlets).
  • No talking, drinking or eating within the hearing room.
  • Turn-off mobile phones and any other electronic equipment.
  • Please be advised that the public hearings will be recorded, and Media may also be present. You may be recorded throughout the duration of the Inquiry’s proceedings.    
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  • Firearms, explosive substances, and offensive weapons are strictly prohibited.
  • Authorised officers may give reasonable directions to those on hearing room premises for the purposes of maintaining or restoring security, good order or management.
  • Unauthorised recording, photography or transmission of hearing room proceedings is an offence.
  • Members of the public are restricted to hearing room premises (and are not to enter any adjacent conference rooms).  This excludes access to public facilities and the level 18 Foyer area.

Evacuation procedures


In the event of an emergency, directions will be provided by floor wardens/building management. Please remain in the hearing room and await instructions.

  • In the event of a fire emergency, an intermittent alarm will sound. Please await further instructions. In the event that the second alarm, constant alarm sounds, floor wardens will direct the safe exit from level 18 via the fire doors A or B (located on each side of the lift shaft).
  • Lifts are not to be used in the event of a fire emergency. 
  • The muster point for the building is in front of the Quadrant Building opposite Elizabeth Quay Station.
  • If you require special assistance in evacuating the building, please advise Inquiry staff or the floor wardens.

More information

Should clarification be required in relation to any of the above, please contact Associate to the Inquirer 61 8 6160 1510.

Page reviewed 06 August 2019