• Local government elections are a vital part of our democracy, and local governments are pivotal in supporting the integrity of the process.
  • The West Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) is the lead State agency for electoral services in WA. The WAEC also plays a key role in local elections.
  • Ahead of a local election, each local council must determine whether the local election will be conducted by in-person or postal voting. Before nomination, you should find out whether the election in your local government will be by postal or in-person voting.
  • If the election will be by postal voting, the WAEC must conduct the election on behalf of the local government.
  • If the election will be by in-person voting, then either the local government or the WAEC may conduct the election. This is determined by the local council.


  • All local elections in WA are conducted using the ‘first past the post’ system. This means the result of an election is determined by counting the number of votes received for each candidate.
  • The candidates with the most votes are elected as a council member until all vacancies for the local government are filled. The number of vacancies will vary.
  • On election day, candidates must not canvas or solicit votes within six metres of the entrance of an election polling place.
  • It is an offence for candidates, or persons authorised to act on behalf of a candidate, to take custody of an envelope in which there is a postal vote, or to assist an elector to mark their ballot paper.
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