Financial Better Practice Review

A key strategic priority for DLGSC is to develop a supportive environment and provide local governments with the tools to build a transparent, robust, and innovative sector. 

This will be delivered by encouraging and supporting excellence and innovation through the Financial Better Practice Reviews (BPR).


  • Generate momentum for a culture of continuous improvement and stronger internal control environment across the local government sector.
  • Identify and share innovation and best practice in the local government sector.
  • Act as a health check by providing departmental advice and support to local governments that may be experiencing operational challenges.

Key areas of focus

The review will assess how well local governments perform common business practices and related internal controls, governance and risk management policies, practices, and procedures.

These will include but not limited to:

  • financial management
  • payroll and HR
  • expenditure
  • procurement
  • rates
  • fixed assets
  • fraud management
  • general computer controls.

Our approach to Financial Better Practice Reviews

It is intended that the Financial BPRs will be made available to all local governments across the State.

It is anticipated that a schedule will need to be developed to enable Statewide coverage of the program and focus on local governments in similar locations — much the same way the Local Government Grants Commission undertakes its work with them.

What to expect

Local governments will be identified

By invitation or self-nomination — participation by local governments is on a voluntary basis.

Local governments will complete self-assessment checklist

DLGSC provides local governments with a self-assessment checklist to collect information relevant to the local government operations.

DLGSC assessment

Self-assessment checklist is returned to DLGSC and reviewed and assessed by officers. An overall picture of the local government is formed, and an onsite visit scheduled.

Onsite visit

An onsite visit to discuss policies, practices and procedures takes anywhere between one and five days depending on the size and complexity of the local government. On completion of the onsite visit, DLGSC collates information and findings generated.


Findings form basis of a report for the local government identifying areas of better practice and improvement in action plan.


Ongoing monitoring and liaison between DLGSC and the local government.

More information

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Page reviewed 25 August 2022