Long term financial planning tools

​​​​​The department and Western Australian Treasury Corporation have partnered to release long term financial planning tools for local governments.

Financial Health Indicator calculator

The Financial Health Indicator calculator enables local governments to project changes to a local government's financial position over the course of their long term financial plan. Using this information, local governments can have an informed dialogue with the community about affordable local government services and infrastructure, and the impact of different scenarios on a local government's overall financial health.

Indicative Additional Debt Capacity calculator

The Indicative Additional Debt Capacity calculator uses information within a local government's long term financial plan to provide an indication of the additional borrowing capacity a local government may have in excess of loans already factored into their existing 10 year financial plan. This is based on prudent loan servicing limits.

This provides important planning information to help local governments decide if debt should be considered as a financing source for additional future capital expenditure.

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Page reviewed 06 May 2019