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Stop Puppy Farming

Last updated: 13/12/2018 11:46 PM
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Dogs are an important part of many Western Australian families and promoting responsible dog ownership and the future health and welfare of dogs is a key priority for the State Government.

The department, in partnership with the local government sector and industry stakeholders has released a consultation paper to stop puppy farming in WA.

RSPCA defines puppy farming as 'An intensive dog breeding facility that is operated under inadequate conditions that fail to meet the dogs' behavioural, social and/or physiological needs'. Puppy farming can include small-scale, as well as large-scale dog breeding operations. 

A range of proposals are addressed in the consultation paper to stop puppy farming including the introduction of mandatory dog de-sexing, mandatory dog breeding standards, a centralised dog registration system to track dogs and pet shops being transitioned into adoption centres.

The proposals will contribute to a more regulated breeding industry and a reduction in the number of dogs needing rehoming and suffering neglect due to puppy farms.

Community feedback is essential to enable a well-informed decision on the impact of the changes across the broader community, industry and government sector.

The implementation of the proposals is being supported by an Implementation Working Group comprised of government and industry stakeholders.



Feedback on the stop puppy farming proposals was sought between 3 May 2018 and 3 August 2018. The consultation period has now closed and the department is analysing the feedback.​

A summary consultation report was released on 26 November 2018 and provides a snapshot of 4754 submissions received during the consultation period.

For more information on the project, email  

Online survey submissions

Community members and stakeholders were invited to provide their feedback by responding to an online survey, or undertaking an interview survey at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2018 and/ or the WA Local Government Association Convention 2018.
3944 submissions were received in this form.   
The results of the feedback from the online survey and interview surveys have been compiled into the Stop Puppy Farming Community Consultation Report​.


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Written submissions

In addition to the online survey and interview surveys, community members and stakeholders were also invited to respond to the consultation in various written forms, including by completing a public submission form, responding to supplementary targeted surveys, or providing other written feedback. 810 submissions were received in these forms.

The written submissions can be downloaded below. Many respondents indicated that they would like their submission to remain confidential and these submissions have not been published.