Plans and specifications

Plans of the proposed premises are required to be lodged with the application.

Plans of the proposed premises are required to be lodged with the application in order for the licensing authority to define the area in which the sale, supply and in some cases, the consumption of liquor will occur if the licence is granted.

If the licence is granted, the defined plans must be kept on the premises and be made available for inspection by an authorised officer upon request.

General requirements and specifications

In order to be accepted by the licensing authority, the plans of the proposed premises to which the application relates must include the following:

  1. Floor plans in duplicate, at least A3 size and to a scale of 1:100, of each level of each building forming part of the licensed premises showing the uses of each room; the location of all doors, windows, servery hatches and toilets; and fit out details for all toilets; the floor layout; the location of all bars and any areas that are not part of the building that showing how the boundary will be defined.
  2. A site plan drawn to a suitable scale according the size of the lot showing:
    • an outline of every building on the relevant lot; and
    • the boundary of the relevant lot; and
    • features on the relevant lot such as car parks, vehicle access and adjacent streets and swimming pools; and
    • the name and location of any street forming part of the boundary of the relevant lot.
  3. A map of the relevant district showing the locality of the relevant premises.
  4. A plan drawn to a scale of 1:100 showing the front external elevation. If the premises is existing, photos of the external buildings will suffice.
  5. In the case of an application to alter the licensed premises, a plan showing those premises as they would be if the proposed alteration or redefinition had taken place, distinguishing the areas of the current licensed premises from the areas of the proposed alteration or redefinition.

Other requirements

In addition to the above requirements, the plan must be drawn:

  • By any person capable of preparing plans on good quality paper of at least A3 size.
  • So as to comply with Australian Standard 1100, Technical Drawing Part 101-1984 General Principles and Part 301-1985 Architectural Drawing of the Standards Australia, and shall show the date of preparation, the scale, the direction of north and the name of the person who prepared the plan.

The specifications to be submitted must include the wall and ceiling finishes and the fit equipment in any bar, toilet or kitchen

Lodging plans

Plans can be lodged electronically via disc or via email at If lodging via email please include the name of the application and the licensed premises in the subject line.


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Page reviewed 29 July 2019