Decisions handed down by the Liquor Commission.

In accordance with section 9I of the Liquor Control Act 1988 and the Liquor Commission Rules 2007:

  • A decision of the Liquor Commission is to be given in writing and authenticated by:
    • being signed by a member of the Commission; and
    • having the seal of the Commission affixed to it.
  • The Liquor Commission is to give a copy of a decision to each interested person.
  • A failure of the Liquor Commission to comply with subsection 9I(1) or 9I(2) of the Liquor Control Act 1988 does not affect the validity of a decision.

Interested persons have the right to appeal any decision to the Supreme Court of Western Australia on a question of law, but any appeal will only be heard on a question of law by a single judge and not the full bench of the superior court.

Not satisfied with the decision of the Commission?

Information on who can lodge an appeal.

Enforcing the Commission's decision

An interested person seeking to enforce a decision may file in the Supreme Court:

  • a copy of the decision that the Commission has certified to be a true copy
  • the interested person's affidavit stating to what extent the decision has not been complied with
  • a certificate from the Commission stating that the decision is appropriate for filing in the Supreme Court.

There is no charge for filing a copy of a decision, an affidavit or a certificate under this section and on filing with the Supreme Court, the decision is to be taken to be a decision of the Supreme Court and may be enforced accordingly.

Page reviewed 22 February 2024