Liquor licensing seminars

Free seminars providing information on the liquor licence application process and understanding liquor laws.

Applying for a Liquor Licence Seminar

The department runs free seminar providing prospective licensees, objectors and other stakeholders with an in-depth explanation of the liquor licence application process and objection process. This includes the statutory and administrative requirements.

The topics include:

  • overview of the licensing authority and the Liquor Commission
  • overview of licence types
  • overview of licensing application process
  • what needs to be lodged
  • the assessment process including public interest test
  • objection process including how to lodge an objection
  • how is a decision made (contested and uncontested)
  • what happens when a license is granted
  • what happens when an application is not granted.

Compliance with the Liquor Control Act Seminar

The department runs free seminar providing licensees, approved managers and other liquor industry stakeholders with an understanding of the liquor laws that govern the sale, supply and consumption of liquor in Western Australia.

The topics include:

  • selling and supplying liquor in accordance with licence conditions and liquor legislation
  • obligations and responsibilities as a licensee and approved manager
  • sections of the liquor legislation not well known
  • what can happen if things go wrong.

Upcoming seminars

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