Gaming Function Permit Application lodgement guide

The purpose of a gaming function permit is to allow a charitable group, community-based organisation or sporting body to raise funds for the benefit of the community.

Gaming function permits cannot be approved for personal or commercial gain, and your organisation must abide by the conditions set by the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 (the Act).

It is the responsibility of the permit holder, or a member of the applicant organisation, to submit application forms via the department’s online portal. This responsibility must not be given to a third party. Additionally, no other party outside of the applicant organisation should be granted access to the organisation’s online account or be given its online account login details.

This guide has step-by-step instructions on how to complete this form, including screenshots of the relevant pages.

If you require further assistance please contact the department on 61 8 6551 4888.

Creating an account

Information on creating an account.

Creating a gaming function application

After you have successfully logged into your account you can start a new application by following these steps.

  1. Click on New Lodgement.
  2. Select Gaming from the Group drop down menu.
  3. Select Gaming Function Permit Application from the Type drop down menu.
  4. Click on Submit.
Gaming function permit application lodgment guide step 1 to 4

Application details form

This form is used to create a new client in our database. Complete the necessary pages and then click Submit to continue through to the Gaming Function Application form.

  1. Please see the list of form pages on the left. You can use these to navigate the form quickly.
  2. You can also navigate the form using the Prev and Next buttons.
  3. If you need to save/print your answers you can use the PDF button.
  4. We recommend that you save your progress regularly using the Save button.
  5. Once the form is complete click the Submit button to proceed.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 5 to 9
  1. Once you have clicked on Submit a client reference number has been created for you.
    • This number can be quoted to quickly locate your entity on our system.
  2. Click Continue to proceed to the Gaming Function Permit Application form.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 10 to 11

Gaming Function Permit application

  1. This page looks similar to the previous form; you can see the name of the current form displayed at the top of the page.
  2. The pages required to be completed are listed on the left as before.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 12 to 13
  1. Games
    • Selecting proposed games;
    • Additional questions will need to be answered if tournament poker is selected.
    • If the permit forms part of a tournament poker season, the tournament organizer/gaming supplier will need to lodge a submission to accompany this application with full details of each playing date and the proposed locations; information on where equipment will be hired/purchased from; and
    • Do you intend on using paid gaming operators. If you tick YES, please specify the name of Principal Operator.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 14
  1. Function Dates
    • Event date
    • Start and end time
    • Number of tables
  2. Click on the down arrow button to Insert Below and add Event Dates.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 15 to 19
  1. Premises Details
  2. Is the Premises approved for Gaming Permits? If yes, Provide the Certificate Number.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 20
  1. Is the Premises approved for Gaming Permits? If no, specify Premises Name and Premises Address. 
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 21 to 23
  1. Is the Premises hold a liquor licence.
    • If no, click next.
    • If yes, specify Liquor Licence Number.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 24
  1. Use of Funds
    • Describe how the raised funds will be used
  2. If the funds are being donated to another group please select yes
  3. Attach the written consent using the options here.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 25
  1. Permit Holder
    • Input the details of the individual who will be responsible for the function(s) on behalf of the applicant organisation.  This person is required to attend each of the proposed event dates and to fulfill the requirements of the Community Poker Policy.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 26
  1. Document Submissions
    • This section must be filled out after the document has been printed.
    • This only applies if you need to post in submissions to support your application.
  2. Additional documents required to support your application are listed here as indicated in the previous pages of this form.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide 27 to 28
  1. Declaration by Permit Holder
    • This is the individual nominated in the Permit Holder Details section of this application.
  2. Permit Holder’s full name.
Gaming function permit application lodgment guide step 27 to 28
  1. Declaration by Authorised Person of Applicant Organisation
    • This declaration cannot be signed by the Permit Holder.
  2. Fill in the name, position and contact number of the signatory.
Gaming function permit application lodgment guide step 29 to 30

Submitting the form and paying the fee

Once the form is completely filled out you can click on Submit to finish and submit the form.

  1. This is your Application Reference number. Please use this in all future correspondence with the department regarding this application.
  2. This is the amount due to be paid for this application. This fee is generated based off the information you provided in your application form.
  3. Click Continue to go to the payment options page.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide submitting 1 to 3
  1. The amount due to be paid is listed here along with your quote number.
  2. To pay for your application via credit card click Pay Online.
  3. If you do not want to pay for your application online please click on View Quote to view and print a quote with details on how to make payment via other methods.
Calcutta permit lodgment guide submitting 4 to 6

Application completed

You have now successfully submitted your application.

You can monitor the status of your application via the My Account page when you are logged in on the account under which you completed the application.

  1. The details of the organisation this account is linked too.
    • You cannot change the entity an account is linked too, if you need to create an application under a different group name you will need to create a new account.
  2. To change the contact details of your organisation please click on the Edit button.
  3. Any Outstanding Fees that you have not yet paid can be accessed here.
  4. You can view the details of your pending applications under Applications in Progress.
    • To view the details of the lodgement and any attached documents click on View Details.
    • You can also attach additional documentation here by clicking on Upload Document.
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Page reviewed 26 February 2024