Conducting Two-up requiring Ministerial approval

General conditions.

Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 Section 48 and 51

The Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987 (the Act) provides for the issue of a Two-up permit to race clubs, and other charitable sporting organisations, outside of a 100km radius of the Crown Casino. In addition, applications can be considered by the Minister for the playing of Two-up in the following circumstances.

ANZAC Day or Veteran’s Day

RSL clubs conducting Two-up on ANZAC Day or Veteran’s Day at premises usually used for social functions or activities of their members. All RSL clubs may apply to conduct two-up on ANZAC day on non-club premises and non-RSL organisations may also apply to conduct Two-up provided the Minister is sufficiently satisfied that the event or premises is connected to the celebration of ANZAC Day (such as an RSL club using a hall for its event, as its club premises is too small).

Applications for ANZAC Day events should be lodged by 1 March and Veteran’s Day events by 1 July. There is no requirement for the premises where Two-up is conducted on ANZAC day and Veterans Day to be approved for gaming activities or for a financial return to be submitted.

Race clubs

Any race club within 100 km of Crown Casino, which is registered with RWWA, conducting Two-up in conjunction with a major sporting event, special occasion or other exceptional circumstance. The club must have the consent of Crown Casino.

Applications must be made at least thirty (30) days in advance of the commencement date.

Two-up must be conducted at premises that have been approved for gaming activities. A separate application must be submitted for the approval of premises.

As a condition of the permit a financial return must be submitted within14 days of the completion of each game. Financial records pertaining to a two-up permit must be retained for one (1) year after the expiry of the permit.

Applications and fees

Organisations submitting an application for the first time must submit a copy of its constitution or rules covering the organisation.

Applications are to be submitted on the prescribed form with the same fee that is payable by country race clubs as stated in the fee schedule. The application fee must be paid when lodging an application, is non-refundable and is not conditional upon the grant or exercise of a permit.

No fee is payable for ANZAC Day and Veteran’s Day events.

Conditions of each permit

Each game shall be controlled by the permit holder and at least two (2) other responsible members of the organisation to which the permit has been granted.

The permit holder will be held responsible for any breaches of the conditions of the permit.

No charge shall be made for admission to any game of Two-up.

Children under the age of 18 years shall not be permitted to play or be involved in the conduct of Two-up.

A game shall be conducted from the hours specified on the permit and cannot exceed six (6) hours.

The net proceeds shall be applied to the purpose stated on the application form.

The permit holder shall cause to keep accurate records of the gross proceeds of each game.

Unless the taking of commission is prohibited or restricted by a condition imposed in respect of the permit, the ring keeper, on behalf of the permit holder, may take a customary commission, not exceeding 10% of:

  • All winnings from the spinner, after the spinner has withdrawn; and
  • The winnings of side bettors who have placed their bets through the ringkeeper and who win on heads (or the equivalent where dice are used).

Professional (paid) operators must be licensed with the Gaming and Wagering Commission. Voluntary (unpaid) operators are not required to be licensed.

Two-up at country race meetings

Permits for the conduct of two-up at country race clubs will be issued to commence after the last race for a maximum period of six (6) hours. Permits will be permitted to continue past midnight of the race day provided the six (6) hour period is not exceeded.

Page reviewed 30 July 2019