Combat sports permits

All combat sports contests must adhere to the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sport Regulations 2004.

Promotion Permit Applications

The Combat Sports Act 1987 states in s47(1) “A person must not conduct a contest unless a permit has been issued under this part for a contest” Penalty: A fine of $12,000. 

Permits are required for all contests in Western Australia regardless of the amateur or professional status of contestants.

Part One of the Application for a Promotion Permit must be lodged with the Combat Sport Commission not less than 42 days prior to the promotion.

Part Two of the Application for a Promotion Permit must be lodged with the Combat Sports Commission not less than 21 days prior to the promotion.

All changes to the fight card and/or permit must be submitted to the Commission in writing and no changes to the fight card will be accepted after the weigh in.

Promotion Permit application fee

The fee to apply for a Promotion permit is based on the number of tickets that are proposed to be made available. 

Number of ticketsAmount
 Not more than 300 tickets $100
 More than 300 but not more than 700 tickets  $300
 More than 700 but not more than 2500 tickets  $600
 More than 2500 but not more than 4500 tickets  $1000
 More than 4500 tickets $2500


Permit application forms

BPOINT online forms

The Combat Sports Commission (the Commission) now has an online application form to streamline the permit application process. Please see below for the individual link to this form.

Please note that forms cannot be submitted without payment.

Part 1 Promotion Permit form is for promoters that are currently registered with the Commission and wish to apply for a promotion permit.

Page reviewed 18 July 2019