Combat sports forms and fees

All combat sports contests must adhere to the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sport Regulations 2004.

The Combat Sports Commission is responsible for the registration of contestants and industry participants including trainers/seconds, managers, promoters, officials and matchmakers.

Current fees for contestant and industry participant registration with the CSC
Industry participantFee
Judge, Timekeeper$81.00

Where an individual is registering in more than one capacity they will pay the registration fee for most expensive capacity and $80 for each additional capacity.  So an individual registering as a promoter, manager and trainer would pay $494.50,  $334.50 to register as a promoter plus $80 to register as a manager and $80 to register as a trainer.

The registration period for all contestants and industry participants is three years from the date of registration.  There are a series of application forms available to download for each category.

Application requirements

Individuals applying for registration with the Commission are required to provide the following documentation on registration. The Commission cannot finalise a registration until all of the required documentation is provided.

Generic to all applicants: 

  • Completed registration application form
  • Registration fee
  • Two passport size photographs or a digital photograph
  • Photo identification – photocopy of driver’s license, passport or proof of age card
  • Completed statement of experience for promoters, matchmakers, managers, trainers and seconds.


Further information for participants in combat sports including fact sheets, legislation and regulations.


BPOINT online forms and payments

The Combat Sports Commission (the Commission) now has three online registration and application forms to streamline the registration process.  Please see below for the individual links to these forms.

Please note that forms cannot be submitted and will not be accepted without payment.

Registration renewal form

This is for contestants and industry participants that have previously been registered with Commission.

New registration form

This is for contestants and industry participants that have not previously been registered with the Commission.







Structural engineers certification

Minimum fees for officials

Minimum fees for officials from 1 March 2013
OfficialBasic fee 1 contestBasic fee 2+ contestsState Title 1 contestState Title 2+ contestsNational/International Title 1 contestNational/International Title 2+ contests

Where an official officiates for one contest on a card they are paid the rate in the “1 contest”  column. Where an official officiates for two or more contests on a card they are paid the rate  in the “2+ contest” column. 

Where a card features a World Title contest where the sanctioning body specifies a minimum  fee for officials, that minimum fee must be paid to all officials who work on that promotion  regardless of whether or not they officiate the World Title contest. 

More information

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