Legislation, guidelines and code of conduct

Act and regulations

Combat sports in Western Australia are regulated by the Combat Sports Act 1987 and Combat Sports Regulations 2004, which are administered by the Combat Sports Commission. Under this legislation, the Commission has the capacity to register Contestants and Industry Participants, enforce health and safety guidelines and issue permits for contests. Fines for breaches of the legislation and/or permit conditions exist.

Although the Commission has the power to cause change and requires participants to adhere to certain practices and procedures, it is the intent of the Commission to work with the industry and its' participants in a cooperative partnership for the benefit of everyone involved in the Western Australia's combat sports industry.

Guidelines and conditions for combat sport registrants

All professional and amateur contestants and industry participants (judges, managers, promoters, referees, seconds, timekeepers and trainers) are required to register with the Commission and are subject to the conditions of registration. These conditions are aimed at safeguarding the health of contestants and ensuring that contests within Western Australia are run to a high standard.

Code of conduct for contestants and industry participants

The code of conduct outlines the standard of behaviour required of all contestants and industry participants registered with the Combat Sports Commission.

Contestant preparation standards and guidelines

Standards and guidelines are provided for contestants and trainers to aid in the preparation of competing in a combat sports contest.

Role of medical practitioners in combat sports

A guide for medical practitioners consulting with combat sport contestants and the regulatory role of ringside medical practitioners. 

Position statements

Signing of Wraps and Gloves

This position statement is to delineate the responsibility of the signing of contestant wraps and gloves at Combat Sports Commission (the Commission) sanctioned events.

Page reviewed 09 February 2024