Registrations, renewals and online education unit

Register as a contestant, judge, manager, promoter, referee, second, trainer or timekeeper with the Combat Sports Commission.

The Combat Sports Commission is responsible under the Combat Sports Act 1987 for registering contestants and industry participants involved in WA’s combat sports industry. The commission has implemented an online education unit to provide contestants and industry participants with essential information regarding registering with the commission and participating in combat sports.

Registering or renewing registration

Individuals applying for registration with the Combat Sports Commission are required to provide the following documentation on registration.

Generic to all applicants: 

  • completed online registration form via the online registration portal 
  • completion of the online education unit for the category of registration you are applying for
  • registration fee
  • current colour digital photograph, passport style (headshot)
  • current photographic identification such as copy of a driver’s license, passport, proof of age card or student identification.
Additional contestant requirements: 
  • current serology certificate/report (6 months validity)
  • current certificate of fitness (12 months validity).

Additional industry participant requirements: 
  • completed statement of experience for promoters, matchmakers, managers, trainers, seconds and officials (judges, referees and timekeepers)
  • officials are required to submit officiating assessments and evidence to support shadowing experience 
  • promoters will be required to attend an induction with the commission.

Online registration portal

If you are a new registrant and have not yet created an online portal account please register for the first time for a new online account.

If you already have an online account you can sign in on the Combat Sports Commission online portal to update you details, track the progress of your applications, upload forms or renew your registration.

If you are or have been previously registered with the commission but never activated the email activation link previously sent to you then please email the commission for further login instructions. 

If you have forgotten your password or require further instructions on how to use the portal then please read the Combat Sports Portal Guide. 

Online education unit

Anyone wanting to register or renew their registration with the commission is required to complete the online education unit prior to their registration or renewal being considered. Parents or guardians of applicants under 18 years of age must also complete the online education.

Additional registration forms

Fees for registration

The registration period for all contestants and industry participants is 3 years from the date of registration approval.

Judge, timekeeper$81.00


Automatic Mutual Recognition notification

If you are currently registered or licensed in another state or territory as a combat sports (or equivalent) contestant or industry participant (judge, manager, matchmaker, promoter, referee, second, timekeeper or trainer) you may be eligible for an automatic deemed registration.

Under mutual recognition laws, a person who is registered to undertake certain activities covered by their home state or territory may be entitled to undertake equivalent activities in Western Australia. No additional fees will be incurred but the Combat Sports Commission must be notified of your intention to compete, participate or work at a WA combat sports contest and an interstate clearance of your registration must be granted from one of the following:

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT): Controlled Sports Registrar
  • New South Wales (NSW): Combat Sports Authority
  • South Australia (SA): Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing
  • Victoria (VIC): Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board

You can notify the Combat Sports Commission and apply for automatic mutual recognition by submitting the following form prior to commencing any activities within WA.

More information on the AMR scheme.

Page reviewed 09 February 2024