Healthy clubs

By implementing healthy changes your club can be seen to be making a positive contribution to your community.

The material on this page has been used with permission of Sports Medicine Australia.

Healthy Club policies

Why develop a 'Healthy Club' policy?

  • It will reinforce your club’s commitment to the promotion of health.
  • it will standardise your procedures for dealing with any behaviour that contravenes the health objectives that you are trying to achieve.
  • it will set guidelines for your club members regarding what to expect from the club and outline what is considered unacceptable behaviour by members and officials.
  • it will clarify the roles and responsibilities of all club members.

A Healthy Club policy addresses the following health issues:

  • smoking
  • sun protection
  • injury prevention
  • alcohol and other drugs
  • healthy eating.

Sport safety

Sport safety planning is about ‘playing smart’ – being aware, being prepared and being active in promoting a safe sport environment for players, coaches, officials and spectators.

Sport safety planning and implementation is not hard: it's common sense. It is not a one-off event, but a cycle of continuous improvement. Changes to club personnel, playing rules, club equipment and facilities may require your club to provide ongoing education and training for all club members.

The benefits to your club are:

  • fewer and less severe injuries
  • lower insurance premiums
  • recognition for being a ‘sport safe club’
  • satisfied members and increased membership
  • well-educated members
  • reassured parents
  • safety as a positive marketing tool for the club
  • responsible and coordinated approach to sport safety.

Sports medicine courses

Sports Medicine Australia (WA Branch) offers a range of courses for sporting clubs and associations.

Healthy Club workshops

Design a sports medicine course to be held at your club, that will cater for the specific needs of your club. For example, a one-hour injury-prevention workshop for your coaches, team managers and parents, or a two-hour workshop including injury management and sports nutrition. 

Sports medicine awareness course

A three -our workshop held at your venue, designed to develop an awareness of safe and efficient first aid skills, and prevention of injury.

SMAC is a practical learning experience aimed at changing behaviour in order to prevent injury and lessen the negative effects of an injury. 

Sports first-aid course

Does your club have anyone qualified in first aid? A first-aid course focusing on sporting injuries, this course will give your club members a hands on approach to skills such as CPR, EAR and Injury Management. 

Level One Sports Trainers Course

The next step up from sports first aid, this course will further your sports medicine knowledge, and includes taping techniques.

Page reviewed 15 August 2022