Recognition framework for state active recreation organisations

Apply to become recognised as a state active recreation organisation

State active recreation organisations deliver recreation outcomes for a specific active recreation activity for the sport and recreation sector in Western Australia.

This is achieved by focusing on developing and delivering the activity as a recreational pursuit and providing leadership, advocacy and safety initiatives to its network of members and/or affiliates.

Benefits of being recognised:

  • The opportunity to use the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) logo.
  • The opportunity to apply to use the Western Australian Coat of Arms on playing and dress uniforms (where appropriate).
  • Entry in DLGSC's online sport and recreation directory as the pre-eminent organisation for that particular sport, or recreation activity, or advocacy/representative body.
  • Invitations to attend workshops, seminars and other stakeholder consultations facilitated by DLGSC.
  • Access to a DLGSC consultant for support in organisational development and capacity building.
  • The opportunity to receive financial support through various grant programs administered by DLGSC. Noting that DLGSC recognition status does not imply or guarantee an organisation will be funded by DLGSC.

Recognition criteria

To become a recognised state active recreation organisation by DLGSC, organisations are required to demonstrate and submit evidence against the following criteria:

1. Primary function

The organisation is the pre-eminent representative organisation that is responsible for the development of the active recreation activity in Western Australia.

The organisation consists of a membership and/or affiliation system which may include a network of associations and/or clubs.

2. Evidence and relevance of primary function

The organisation can satisfy DGLSC that it is the pre-eminent representative organisation responsible for the development of, and participation in, active recreation activity in Western Australia.

The organisation needs to demonstrate its relevance to the Western Australian active recreation industry for endorsement by the DLGSC and approval by the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

3. Activity meets definition

The related activity meets the National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework’s definition (agreed by all Australian governments on 10 June 2011) of 'active recreation'.

Active recreation is defined as ‘activities engaged in for the purpose of relaxation, health and wellbeing or enjoyment with the primary activity requiring physical exertion, and the primary focus on human activity’ (Commonwealth of Australia National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework 2011).

4. Evidence of delivery to audience

The organisation can provide a minimum of 12 months evidence of delivering participation and development programs, competitions and leadership, advocacy and safety initiatives for its members and/or affiliates in the active recreation activity in Western Australia.

5. Not-for-profit

The organisation is a not-for-profit organisation and is an incorporated association, or company limited by guarantee, or an Australian Public Company.

The organisation has a constitution that complies with the Associations Incorporations Act 2015 (WA) or the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

6. Annual report and/or financial statements

The organisation has produced annual reports and/or financial statements for a minimum of 2 years and is financially solvent.

7. Policy requirements

The organisation has operable and current policies, and comply with all legislative requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)
  • Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 (WA)
  • Member Protection Policy
  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum of $10 million Public Liability).

Recognition process

Our recognition process includes:

  1. Application: organisations submit evidence against the recognition criteria.
  2. Assessment: application is reviewed to determine if the organisation meets the recognition criteria.
  3. Recommendation and approval: request to the Minister for Sport and Recreation.
  4. Notification: the organisation will be notified of the outcome of the application.

To receive an application form to register as a state active recreation organisation, email

Page reviewed 06 March 2024