School camps

Our recreation camps specialise in hosting school groups.

The camps are places where staff and students can step out of their usual environment and try some new learning activities.

The 4th R: Recreation

We aim to provide the best support for teachers on camp. The 4th R resource package aims to provide guidance for educators choosing our recreation camps programs.

Program resource sheets can be found within this resource, which will assist in choosing from the diverse range of programs we offer. Each resource sheet provides important information regarding our programs, including their links to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.

We also provide observation checklists, which help teachers identify observable behaviours during camps. These checklists align to descriptions of expected standards developed by the Department of Education within interpersonal skills and self-management skills outcomes.

The 4th R cover

The 4th R: Recreation

The 4th R resource package aims to provide guidance for educators choosing the departments recreation camps programs.

Encouraging participation

The following are ideas and suggestions on how you can encourage parents and students to participate in a school camp.

  • Use The 4th R resource to demonstrate the learning opportunities to parents, other teachers and administrators.
  • Use resources and research on Nature Play WA to advocate the benefits of the camp experience.
  • Advertise the camp in your school newsletter.
  • Run parent and student information nights as required and discuss the aims and objectives of the camp, links to the curriculum and student development, camp location, policies and procedures relevant to the camp or excursion and risk minimisation strategies that will be employed. Students may be able to have input into the structure of the camp including activities run by the Department and by the school.
  • Provide parents and students with the relevant Department links. 
  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan to secure sufficient funding if required.

Camp journals

Camp journals provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences after they have participated in camp programs. Download the journal applicable to your year level and add or omit information as required.

Observation checklists

Recreation camps provide students with an opportunity to practise develop and demonstrate various skills and outcomes related to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.

Observation checklists are available for:

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