Betting and match-fixing

The department holds integrity in sport as the basis of sport's reputation for fair and ethical behaviour and acknowledges that leadership from industry is critical to the maintenance of community confidence in the integrity in sport.

Integrity in sport covers numerous ethical and moral issues confronting sport administrators, coaches, medical staff, players and officials. Sport must constantly adapt, respond and, at times, lead ethical and moral responses to key issues as they emerge which includes the growing concern around betting and match-fixing within ‘professional’ sports.

What is match-fixing?

Match-fixing occurs when an individual or group irregularly influences the course or result of a sports event and removes all or part of the uncertainty of the result, in order to obtain advantage for oneself or for others.

Australia's Sports Ministers endorsed a National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport in 2011, that aims to protect the integrity of Australian sport.

The National Policy, which is strongly welcomed by sporting codes and the betting industry, is underpinned by a nationally consistent legislative approach, strong links between governments, major sports, betting operators and law enforcers, and international collaboration.

The Department is currently working on a Position Statement concerning Betting and Match-Fixing in Western Australia and the effect it has on sports and the community as a whole.

Tools for clubs and associations

Visit the Australian Sports Commission's website for tools assist clubs and associations to comply with the requirements of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport.

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