Diving installations are located either in indoor or outdoor in aquatic facilities and are generally separated from the swimming area.

The minimum size for a diving pool is 25m wide and 20m long. The overall dimensions can be increased to suit other activities such as synchronised swimming and water polo.

A competition pool is equipped with two 1m and two 3m springboards and a diving tower with take‑­off platforms at 5m, 7.5m and 10m. Platforms also exist at 1m and 3m heights as training tools. The basic measuring point used is the plummet line. This is a vertical line extending through the centre point of the front edge of the diving springboard.

The water temperature is a minimum of 26° celsius. The colour of the walls are white or pale blue. A dark blue floor, in conjunction with agitation of the water surface by water sprays, assists divers in seeing the water surface and reduces the risk of an accident.

Surface agitators are a FINA requirement to help divers in their visual perception of the water surface. Normally the agitation is made via a sprinkler directed on to the surface of the water. A bubbler is installed on the pool floor to provide a compressed air cushion of bubbles to protect divers from injury.

In the diving pool the water depth is a minimum of 1.8m at any point. 

In outdoor pools, it is recommended that springboards and platforms are to face north in the northern hemisphere and south in the southern hemisphere.

Diving boards, diving platforms and diving pools are designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the FINA Facilities Rules 2015-2017 Part IX, available on their website.

There are two types of diving boards—springboard and platform. 

Springboard diving

The springboards are at least 4.8m long and 0.5 metre wide and provided with moveable fulcrums easily adjusted by the diver. For springboard diving facilities constructed on concrete platforms, the following applies:

  • The vertical distance from the level of the platform, which supports the fulcrum assembly, to the level of the top of the springboard, is 0.35m.
  • The distance from the front edge of the fulcrum assembly (which is 0.741m) to the front edge of the supporting platform, is a maximum of 0.44m.
  • If the front edge of the platform projects past this point then the fulcrum assembly and the rear hinge assembly is moved forward so as to provide for a maximum of 0.44m from the front edge of the platform to the front of the fulcrum assembly.
  • The springboards are installed dead level at the leading edge when the movable fulcrum is in all positions.
  • The springboards are placed on either one or both sides of the platform.
  • For synchronised diving, at least two springboards at the same height are placed side by side and no objects obstruct the visibility in any part of the dive between the divers.

Platform diving

Each platform is rigid and horizontal. The minimum dimensions of the platform are:

Platform diving dimensions
0.6m-1.0m 1.0m min
(2.9m preferred)
2.6m-3.0m 1.0m min
(2.0m preferred)
5.0m 2.9m 6.0m
7.5m 2.0m6.0m
10m 3.0m 6.0m
  • The preferred thickness of the front edge of the platform is 0.2m but not exceeding 0.3m, and can be vertical or inclined at an angle not greater than 10° to the vertical inside the plummet line.
  • The front edge of the 10m platform projects at least 1.5m. The 2.6‑­3.0m platforms projects at least 1.25m and the 0.6‑­1m platform projects 0.75m beyond the edge of the pool.
  • Where a platform is directly underneath another platform the platform above projects a minimum of 0.75m (preferred 1.25m) beyond the platform below.
  • The back and sides of each platform (except 1.0m or lower platforms) are surrounded by handrails up to 1m from the edge of the platform with a minimum clearance of 1.8m between vertical pairs. The minimum height is 1.0m and has at least two horizontal crossbars placed outside the platform, beginning 1.0m from the front edge of the platform.
  • Each platform is accessible by suitable stairs (not ladders) as required by the countries’ building regulations and/or health and safety standards that are applicable.

Diving facility dimensions

FINA dimensions for diving facilities



FINA Facilities Rules 2015-2017 Part V Diving Rules.

FINA Facilities Rules 2015-2017 Part IX.

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