The field of play has an even surface. The portion of the field of play used for fencing is called the piste. The piste is from 1.5m to 2m wide and 14m long.fencing  piste

Five lines are drawn very clearly on the piste at right angles to its length, as follows:

  • One centre line which is drawn as a broken line across the whole width of the piste.
  • Two on guard lines at 2m on each side of the centre line. These are drawn across the whole width of the piste.
  • Two lines at the rear limits of the piste, which are drawn across the whole width of the piste, at a distance of 7m from the centre
  • line.
  • The last 2m of the piste before the rear limit lines are clearly distinguished by a different colour of the piste, to make it easy for the fencers to be aware of their position on the piste.


Federation International Fencing (FIE). Book 1 Technical Rules. December 2014.

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