Field of play

The full size playing area is 274m in length (goal posts to goal posts) by 183m in width if unboarded and 146m if boarded. The minimum length is 229m. 

The goal posts are 7.3m apart (inside measurement) and can be widened to 14.6m to decide a tie. The goal posts are 3m high and light enough to give way if collided with.

The boards are 28cm high and may be curved at both ends.

The field is marked at the centre with a T and at all boundaries where there are not side boards and at the edges and centre of the 30, 40 and 60 yard lines at each end of the field.

Safety zone

It is recommended that the run‑­off area extends 9m beyond the boards or sidelines and 27.5m beyond the back line.


Broken lines or full marking may be used across the grounds. Marks on the boards or flags (clear of the safety zone) are useful as a guide to the umpires. Two short lines at right angles to the 60 yard line are drawn 40 yards 36.5 metres out from the centre of the goal. A line of tees approximately two foot apart clear of the centre spot are marked on the centre line. A double tee will help keep teams apart at the throw in. These are 0.61m apart. A line of 45.7m in length is drawn on the end safety zone about 18m from the back line as shown behind which the goal judges should stand.


Boards keep the ball in play, allow the ground to be narrowed and spread the game more evenly across the field. They should not exceed 28 cm in height and are made of treated timber at least one inch thick. A metal peg is inserted down the middle to secure them to the ground. They are tongue and grooved at the ends or joined by a metal plate. A board should be easily replaceable during a match if damaged. A triangular arris rail (10cm x 5cm) may be fitted at the base of the board to deflect the ball back into play. 

Boards must be inspected regularly to ensure that pins are not proud on the top, the metal plates are flush with the surface and there are no splinters to injure ponies.



Australian Rules of Polo as adopted by the Australian Polo Federation. Windsor NSW. June 2015.

International Rules for Polo August 2010. Federation of international polo.

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