Standard polocrosse field

The standard size of a polocrosse field is 146.5m long and 55m wide.
The goal scoring area is 27.5m long.
The centre area is 91.5 long.
The radius of the goal circle is 10m.


The goal posts are a minimum of 3m high and are 2.5m apart and flexible enough to be pushed over if collided with. Support posts of any kind are not be used. Drop‑­in goal posts are the preferred option.

Safety zones

The run‑­off area measured from the sidelines is a minimum of 3m. At the end of the field it is a 12m clearance.

If more than one field, the clearance between fields is a minimum of 10m and the clearance end to end is a minimum of 24m.

All lines are clearly marked and defined so they can be seen by all players and umpires. Boundary and penalty lines are marked with suitable flexible markers situated 3m out from the side lines.



Polocrosse Rules and Information on the Game. Polocrosse Australia 2014.

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