Tenpin bowling

Tenpin bowling is a sport that uses the imperial system of measurement.

Lane dimensions tenpin bowling lane diimensions

The length of a regulation lane is 18.288m (60 feet) from the foul line to the centre of the headpin. The lane is 1.0668m (42 inches) wide but is measured in boards. There are 39 boards.


Board 20 is the center board,  counting from either side. It is marked by the Center Arrow. Arrows are 5 boards apart for easy board counting.  

Lane surface

The surface is free of all continuous grooves. It is perfectly flat both side to side and front to back with a maximum tolerance of just 40/1000th inch allowed.  

Lane approach

The approach where the bowler delivers the ball is not less than 4.572m (15 feet) in length. The same lane finishing coating is applied from edge board to edge board. 

The pin deck

The pins are located within a 91.44cm (36 inches) equilateral triangle, with each of the pins aligned 30.48cm (12 inches) apart centre to centre.


Each pin is 30.48cm (12 inches) from its neighbour in any direction (as measured from the centre of each pin).


Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd.

Sports association details

Tenpin Bowling Association of Western Australia Inc

Sharon McKellar
PO BOX 580 Rockingham WA
Telephone 0407 300 164
Email president@tenpinwa.org
Website www.tenpinwa.org
Facebook Tenpinperth


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