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Field of play

The field of play is the playing area bounded by the side lines and touchdown zone lines, both of which are out of bounds. The playing field is 70m long from scoreline to scoreline and 50m wide.

Side lines are the side boundaries of the field of play. 

Scorelines are the lines separating the touchdown zone from the field of play.

The touchdown zone is the area bounded by the sideline, scoreline and touchdown zone line. The touchdown zone line is the line joining the side lines extending no less than 5m and not more than 10m past the scoreline.

The size of the playing field can be varied to suit local council requirements and conditions. At a minimum, it is essential that scorelines, side lines, touchdown zone lines (if utilised) and the halfway line are correctly marked.

The playing surface is normally grass. However other surfaces can be used if approved by Touch Football Australia.


All line markings defining the field of play are a minimum of 2.5cm wide. The sides are extended at least 5m beyond the scorelines and joined by the touchdown zone lines.

The interchange areas are 20m long and a maximum of 5m wide. They are marked on both sides of the field of play. They extend 10m either side of the halfway line and 1m from the sideline.

Interchange areas can be dispensed with if local conditions and ground area do not allow for them. They can be placed on the same side of the field and varied in length and width.


Markers are positioned at the intersections of the side lines and scorelines and at the intersections of the halfway line with the side lines. They are a bright colour and made of a safe and pliable material.



Touch Football Australia Playing Rules and Referees Signals 7th Edition 2007.

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