The international governing body for volleyball is Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) who provide the rules for the sport.

The sport has three disciplines:

  • Indoor volleyball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Indoor beach volleyball

Indoor volleyball

The playing area


The playing court is 18m long and 9m wide and is surrounded by a free zone 3m wide on all sides.

The space above the playing area is known as the free playing space and is a minimum of 7m high from the playing surface.

For FIVB, world and official competitions, the free zone measures a minimum of 5m from the side lines and 8m from the ends lines. The free playing space is a minimum of 7m high from the playing surface.

Playing surface

The playing surface is flat and a light colour. For FIVB, world and official competitions, only a wooden or synthetic surface is allowed.

White colours are required for the lines. Other different colours are required for the playing court and free zone.

Line markings

All lines on the court are 5cm wide and are a light colour different from the colour of the floor.

The boundary lines are the two side lines and end lines. The centre line divides the playing court into two equal courts, 9m x 9m each. This line extends from beneath the net from sideline to sideline.

On each court the rear edge of the attack line is drawn 3m back from the middle of the centre line and marks the front zone.

Zones and areas

The front zone on each court is limited by the axis of the centre line and the rear edge of the attack line. The front zone extends beyond the side lines to the end of the free zone.

The service zone is a 9m wide area behind each end line and extends to the end of the free zone. It is 15cm long and drawn 20cm behind the end line as an extension of the side lines. 

The substitution zone extends from both attack lines to the scorer’s table.

The Libero Replacement zone is part of the free zone on the same side as the team benches, extending from the attack line up to the end line.

A penalty area, 1m x 1m, is located in the control area outside of the endlines. 

Nets and posts

The net is 2.43m high for men and 2.24m high for women. It is placed vertically over the centre line. It is 1m wide and 9.5m‑­10m long and is 10cm square black mesh.

The height of the net is measured from the centre of the playing court.

The antenna is a flexible rod, 1.8m long and 10mm in diameter and made of fibreglass or similar material. It is fastened on opposite sides of the net. The top of the antenna extends 80cm above the net and is marked with 10cm stripes of contrasting colour, usually red and white.

The 2.55m high posts are placed 0.50m‑­1.0m outside the side lines. The posts are rounded and fixed to the ground without wires.


Beach volleyball

Playing area


The court is 16m long, 8m wide and surrounded by a minimum 3m wide free zone on all sides.

The free playing space above the playing area is 7m high from the playing surface.


The surface consists of levelled sand, flat and uniform of possible, free of rocks, shells and anything else which represent risk of injuries to players. 

Lines markings

All lines are 5cm wide and coloured to contrast with the colour of the sand.

The boundary is marked by two side lines and two endlines. There is no centre line. Court lines are made of ribbons of a resistant material and any exposed anchors of a flexible material.

Zones and areas

There is a service zone and free zone surrounding the court. The service zone is an area 8m wide behind the end line which extends to the edge of the 3m wide free zone.

Nets and posts

The net is vertical over the middle of court. The top is set at 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women. For juniors the height of the net is as follows:

  • 16 and under - 2.24m
  • 14 and under - 2.12m
  • 12 years and under - 2.00m

The net is 8.5m long and 1m wide when it is taut. The mesh is 10cm square and at the top and bottom are two 7‑­10cm wide horizontal white bands. 


The antenna is fastened at the outer wide of each side band on the net. The top 80cm of each antenna extends above the net and is marked with 10cm strips of contrasting colour. The posts are placed at a distance of 0.70‑­1m from each side line to the post padding. They are 2.55m high and fixed to the ground without wires. The posts must be padded.

beach volleyball court dimensions


Official Volleyball rules 2013-2016. Volleyball Australia. 

Volleyball Australia. Official Beach Volleyball Rules 2013-2016. Volleyball Australia. 

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