For the sport of weightlifting the field of play relates to the area of competition which contains:

  • Competition platform and stage
  • Technical Officials’ and Competition Management tables
  • Warm‑­up area.

Platform weightlifting platform dimensions

Two types of platforms are authorised for use by the IWF—Competition and training/warmup platforms. Both types of platforms must meet the authorised specifications. 

Competition platform

The platform is a 4m square and made of wood, plastic or any solid material and covered with a non‑­slip material.

The height of the platform is between 50mm and 150mm.

If the floor surrounding the platform is the same or similar colour, the top edge of the platform must have a different coloured 150mm line.

A clear one metre area surrounding the platform is compulsory. This area must be flat and free from any obstacles.

If the platform is above ground level, a restraining bar at least the width of the platform must be fixed to the stage, at least one metre in front of the platform.

Warm‑­up platform

The warm‑­up platform is 3m wide and 2.5‑­3m long.

Technical officials’ and competition management tables

The jury table is situated 10m from the centre of the platform, between the centre and the side referee’s tables and located on the side of the athlete’s point of entry.

Referees Tables

The centre referee is located 4m from the middle of the competition platform. The side referees are seated on the same line as and parallel with the centre referee, 3m‑­4m from the centre referee.

Reserve referees are in a designated area on the field of play.

The doctor on duty is located near the athletes point of entry to competition platform.

Competition and management tables are placed on the side of the athletes point of entry to the competition platform.

Loaders and decontamination attendants have a designated area on the opposite side of the athletes’ point of entry to the competition platform.

Warm‑­up area

Athletes are provided with a warm‑­up area located in close proximity to the competition platform/stage relative to the venue layout.


International Weightlifting Federation Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations. IWF Congress - Baku.

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