The international ruling body for wrestling is Federation Internationale Des Luttes Associees (FILA).

The mat wrestling mat

A new FILA approved mat has a 9m diameter and a 1.5m border and is mandatory in Olympic Games, Championships and Cups. For all other international competitions mats must be approved/sanctioned but not necessarily new.

For Olympic Games and World Championships, warm up and training mats must also be new and approved by FILA.

A red band, one metre wide, forms an integral part of the wrestling area. It is drawn along the circumference on the inside of the 9m circle. This is known as the red zone.

The central circle in the middle of the mat is one metre in diameter. The inside part of the mat inside the red circle is the central wrestling area. It is 7m in diameter. The protection area is 1.5m wide. 

Surrounding the central circle is a band 10cm wide. For Greco Roman wrestling an 8cm wide line splits the circle into two parts. Two perpendicular lines, 40cm from each other, are called inside hand line and inside line. The colour of the lines are red.

The diagonally opposite corners of the mat are marked in the wrestler’s colours, red and blue.

The covering and free space around the mat is 2m. The colour of the protection area is different than the mat.

For all Olympic Games, World and Continental Championships, the mat is installed on a platform not higher than 1.1m or lower than 0.50m. 


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International Wrestling Rules. July 2014. Federation Internationale Des Luttes Associees (FILA) Executive Bureau. Switzerland.

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