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A small group of Aboriginal people sit on the ground painting on an unstretched canvas

Photo: Collaborative painting on Country. Ngurra Kutjuwarra (On Country, Together), Warlayirti Artists Aboriginal Corporation, Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia, June 2021. Photo by Lucinda White.

A total of $500,000 will be distributed for on-country activities across the Kimberley, Mid-West, Gascoyne, Goldfields-Esperance, Pilbara, Wheatbelt, Great Southern, South West and in metropolitan Perth, with projects to strengthen communities starting from May 2024.

The recipients sharing the funding are:

  • Mantjiljarra Yulparirra Pty Ltd , $25,000 for Native Flora Identification
  • Edmund Rice Centre WA Inc, $24,966 for Kadijinny Boodjar
  • Wanjira Nangirany Cultural Foundation LTD, $25,000 for Karajarri Cultural Revitalisation and Community Strengthening Project
  • Ngalla Yorga Waangkan Aboriginal Corporation, $24,500 for Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing
  • Warmun Art Aboriginal Corporation, $25,000 for the 2024 Gija Connecting to Country Program
  • Theona Councillor, $24,975 for 170th anniversary of the massacre at Pelican Springs
  • Undalup Association Inc, $23,875 for Kaartijin Yerunga Boodja - Knowledge on Country
  • Yawuru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation, $24,881 for Response to 'jijawiliwili niyamarri' (shell hill/midden) 'buru' (Country)
  • Rohan Collard, $25,000 for Maaman Kaatadjin Boodja Bidi
  • Vernice Gillies, $25,000 for Koomal Maat (Possum Tracks) Cultural Learning Project
  • Community Arts Network Wes Australia Ltd, $25,000 for Unfinished Business
  • City of Melville $25,000 for Connection to Country Camp with Willagee Youth Drop-in
  • Tara Gower, $25,000 for Contemporary Indigenous Dance Program
  • Ngarlawangga Aboriginal Corporation, $25,000 for Back to Country Fieldtrip
  • Kalyuku Ninti - Puntuku Ngurra Limited, $25,000 for Wuurlkurramartaji - The Story of Belonging to Wuurlkurra
  • Mirning Traditional Lands Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, $24,940 for Mirning Language Revitalisation Strategy
  • Kimberley Language Resource Centre (Aboriginal Corporation), $25,000 for Language and Culture on Country
  • Studio Schools of Australia Ltd, $24,570 for Healing and lessons on Country
  • Mara Arts Aboriginal Corporation, $25,000 for Banggumarrijimanha Barna - Coming together on Country
  • Yanunijarra Aboriginal Organisation RNTBC, $25,000 for Ngurrara Connecting to Country Camp.

 The intention of the Connecting to Country program is to:

  • facilitate sharing of cultural knowledge and skills between generations, such as the preservation of language, stories and dance;
  • recognise Aboriginal cultural leadership within the Aboriginal community and support leadership development in young people;
  • contribute to stronger community mental health and wellbeing; and
  • strengthen, protect and maintain traditional ways of maintaining cultural knowledge.

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