A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications

Great Southern Regional Sport and Recreation Plan cover

Great Southern Regional Sport and Recreation Plan

The purpose of the Great Southern Regional Sport and Recreation Plan is to assist in defining a clear direction for the development of sport and recreation in the region and provide a blueprint to support this strategy.

Guide to shared use facilities cover

Guide to shared use facilities

Delivering better, cost-effective services to the community.

Guide to the WA planning system cover

Guide to the WA planning system

A useful guide for sport and recreation professionals.

Guiding principles: Proposal to create, change the boundaries of, or abolish a local government district

The Local Government Advisory Board’s guiding principles form the basis for considering changes to local government boundaries and take into account the factors set out in the Act.

Harm minimisation policy

The sale, supply and consumption of liquor needs to be carefully regulated.

High PerformancePlanning Guidefor State Sporting Associations cover

High Performance Planning Guide for State Sporting Associations

This guide highlights the value of HP planning, how an organisation can use effective planning to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes, and outlines the various key components of a high performance plan.

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How to be an inclusive club

Sport and recreation clubs are important to local communities and can be the best place to encourage positive contact and cooperation between people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities.

How to conduct a Trade Promotion Lottery

General conditions and regulations for Trade Promotion Lotteries.

Impact assessment

Impact assessment

Recovery framework for sport and recreation

Incident register at licensed premises policy

To provide licensees with guidance regarding their obligations in relation to recording incidents that occur on and in the vicinity of their licensed premises.

Including people with disability in sport and recreation cover

Including people with disability in sport and recreation

Everyone has the right to be a part of an inclusive and welcoming community where their contribution is recognised and valued. People with disability should have equal opportunity to participate in a mainstream community club.

Inclusive participation

The department's position on inclusive participation.

Inspection of records and access to documents policy

Guidance to the legislative and operational requirements associated with the inspection of and access to documents relating to licensed premises that are held by the licensing authority.

Kimberley Report

Integrating Art Production and Economic Development in the Kimberley, 2015-2016

The Macquarie University study is part of a National Survey of Remote Indigenous Artists.

Junior sport

Position on junior sport

Juveniles present on licensed premises for reasons other than work/training policy

Guidance on the legislative provisions regarding the situations where it is acceptable for a juvenile to be present on licensed premises (for reasons other than approved work experience/training).

Juveniles working/training on licensed premises

Guidance on the legislative provisions regarding juveniles being employed or engaged in the service of alcohol on licensed premises and juveniles being engaged in work experience on licensed premises, other than in the sale and supply of liquor.

KidSport policy

KidSport policy

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