Refund guidelines

The KidSport policy currently states that in no circumstance can the club provide a monetary refund of a KidSport voucher to the child, parent or guardian.

Funds should only be exchanged between the department and a club. Refunds to the department may only be considered in extenuating circumstances. Examples of these circumstances are outlined below.

The KidSport program supports individual club refund policies. Parents are encouraged to confirm their intentions to play with a club prior to providing their KidSport code. Please see tips below which we hope will assist in decreasing the requirement for refunds for both families and clubs.  

If a parent requests a refund due to an extenuating circumstance (and this aligns to the club’s refund policy) clubs will be required to follow the steps as listed below. Where a club has incurred any out of pocket expenses for the child, they will not be asked to refund these expenses. Out of pocket expenses are defined as fair and reasonable expenses deducted by the club for example if the club has already forwarded funding to the national body. Adequate documentation or proof may be requested. 

Refunds may be requested when:

  • Club requests to refund the money due to the child not turning up
    • Whereby a child registers but does not show up to play, the club do not record this child’s voucher as required and request to send the money back to Kidsport.
  • Child is unable to play due to illness or injury
    • Whereby a child gets injured or suffers an illness that deems them unable to take part in the majority of the season.
    • A medical certificate may be required to confirm.
  • The team doesn’t register
    • Whereby a child gets registered however the specified league/season/tournament doesn’t proceed.
  • Family relocation
    • Relocation of a family to another WA address that no longer enables a child to travel to their nominated club.
  • Unavoidable extenuating circumstances
    • Death or serious illness of a parent/guardian causing significant impact on the household.
    • Fire, flood or other natural disaster causing significant impact on the household’s financial situation.
  • Other extenuating circumstances that may arise will be taken into the account by the department upon parent disclosure
    • The department has the final authority for determining if a refund will be sought from the club.

Recommendations for parents

  • Parents are encouraged to seek out trials for their children with clubs prior to registering to avoid 'change of mind' instances.
  • Parents are asked to let the club know as early as possible if their child is unable to play with the registered club. 
  • A KidSport voucher code is your child’s membership fee. Only provide the voucher code to the club once you have confirmed your child is going to play with the club.
  • KidSport voucher codes are valid for 90 days from date of approval. This allows time to ensure your child will continue to play at the chosen club prior to providing the code.
  • Refunds will only occur if the situation is deemed to be an extenuating circumstance and the clubs refund policy allows for the membership fee to be refunded.
  • Parents may be asked to provide a medical certificate to align with a child's injury or sickness when seeking a refund from the club.
  • Parents are required to contact KidSport to request a refund of the voucher and list the reasons for this request.
  • Please note the department will adhere to all individual club’s refund policies. If a club has a ‘no refund’ policy on membership fees, the department cannot enforce a refund from the club.

Recommendations for clubs

  • Many KidSport kids may be new to club sport, or new to the area. Clubs are encouraged to help with engaging the child and parents/guardians in the sport prior to registering which will assist with avoiding dropouts.
  • 'Have a go' sessions can be offered to ensure the child and parent enjoys the environment and understand the commitments of club sport.  
  • Assist parents in the registration process. Please be aware KidSport application approvals can take up to ten days and parents should not be required to pre-pay their membership fees.
  • Only validate a voucher if you are certain the child is attending your club.
  • Clubs are asked to respond promptly to a request of a refund enquiry with their reply and terms attached.
  • If a parent contacts the club to withdraw, please forward notification to the department to assist in the timely assessment of the requirement for refund. 
  • In no circumstance can the club provide a monetary KidSport voucher refund to the child, parent or guardian. Funds should only be exchanged between the department and a club.
  • In the absence of a club having a refund policy in place, the department will assess the parent's request for refund and if deemed to be an extenuating circumstance the club will be required to refund the KidSport voucher.

How to initiate a refund


  1. Parent must contact KidSport regarding their request and reasons for a refund.
  2. Parent to contact the club to let them know of a refund request being assessed by department.
  3. Parent awaits confirmation from KidSport on if a refund is being granted and once an agreement has been reached with the club.
  4. Parent is informed they have been successful in acquiring a refund and informed they can make another application to use the funds if they require to do so.
  5. Parent visits the KidSport website to lodge a new application for remaining allocation.


  1. Club must contact KidSport if parent contacts club directly requesting a refund.
  2. KidSport team will contact parent and assess refund request.
  3. If request is approved KidSport will send an invoice to the club for the agreed amount to be refunded.
  4. Club required to email a payment receipt to Kidsport once refund payment processed.*
    Details of the department's account and email will be on the invoice provided.
  5. Kidsport receives refund and contacts the parent to confirm voucher can now be reused if required.

*Clubs who fail to make payment of invoices may be placed on hold from receiving further KidSport funding.

More information

Please contact or 61 8 9492 9911.

Page reviewed 10 March 2020