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KidSport helps thousands of children in Western Australia to experience the benefits of community sport at registered KidSport clubs. Help more families and children find your club by registering online using the KidSport club how-to guide.

Benefits for registered KidSport clubs include:

  • promotion on the public Find a KidSport club page
  • access to the online KidSport club portal
  • access to redeem vouchers as payment for applicant’s club fees
  • access to materials to promote your sport in the community.

Who can be a KidSport club?

To be an eligible KidSport club, a club needs to deliver a recognised sport and be either a community sport club, incorporated organisation, business, school or Parents and Citizens Association that meet the mandatory criteria. 

The department has the final authority for determining if a club meets the mandatory criteria.

Community sport club or incorporated organisation


School or Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

  • Must be a Western Australian registered school or a P&C associated to a registered Western Australian school.
  • Team must be entered into a community sporting program affiliated with the State Sporting Association.
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • The activity provided by the organisation must meet the department's definition of sport*.
  • Charge a membership fee for a minimum 8 weeks of a sport activity.
  • Adhere to their obligations under the Working with Children (Criminal Record) Checking Act 2004.

Swim School

*Sport is defined as “a human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally though organisations and is generally recognised as a sport”.

The KidSport club process

  1. Download the KidSport club how-to guide.
  2. Register a KidSport online account and provide your club details.
  3. Once your club is assessed as a KidSport approved club you will be contacted via email.
  4. If approved, your club will appear in the list of clubs for parents to select during their online KidSport application and be promoted on the Find a KidSport club page.
  5. Your club will be notified by email when an applicant has been approved for KidSport funding to join your club.
  6. The parent/guardian will give you the approved voucher code for each child joining your club.
  7. The club needs to log in to your KidSport club portal and redeem the voucher by matching the code to the child’s name and validating it.
  8. All payments will be made directly by the department.

Information for approved KidSport clubs

Below are a few tips to support approved clubs to keep their club information up to date and manage the KidSport voucher process.

Updating your club fees and details

Club details can be managed by logging into your KidSport club portal. If you don’t know your log in details you will need to provide club name, primary contact name, position, telephone number, preferred club email address, evidence of your role at the club (for instance minutes, club website with your name on it etc.).

It is important that contact details, fee structures and bank details in the club portal are up to date and accurate at all times to ensure clubs receive the appropriate payment when vouchers are redeemed.

Parent/guardians need to know what the club fees will cost so they can claim the appropriate KidSport amount (up to $150). Please note that parents can only choose one listed registration fee. If you have a different registration fee for different age groups, please list these and make them clear so a parent can choose the right fee for example U/12s rego fee $120, U/15s rego fee $140.

Please ensure that all associated costs are listed as a part of one fee i.e. insurance, state association affiliation cost, training fee etc.

Clubs cannot have differing fee amounts for KidSport and non-KidSport children.

For more information download the KidSport club how-to guide.

Helping parents apply for KidSport

As long as the parent/guardian gives permission then a club representative can assist to complete the online KidSport application process. The parent/guardian must provide the club with a personal email address for the application.

KidSport cannot be used retrospectively by a family. A parent/child needs to provide their KidSport code when they are registering.

Vouchers expiry

All voucher codes will have a 90-day expiry from the date the parent/guardian and club receive the approval email. The parent/guardian must provide the approved voucher code at the point of club registration. The club is responsible for processing the voucher for the fees within the 90 day period.

If for some reason you do not receive the code within the 90 period, then it will expire and the parent/guardian will need to reapply online (if in the appropriate calendar year).


Refund guidelines

Recommendations to help assist clubs with the refund process. Review the guidelines before proceeding with a refund enquiry.
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Back to Sport — Club Support Program

The DLGSC and Lotterywest Club Support Program will provide a subsidy for community sport and recreation organisations to use towards:

  • increasing support for vulnerable participants
  • providing volunteer support and engagement, and
  • equipment to make the club COVID Safe.

This program will provide a one off subsidy of $500 (GST exclusive) for eligible organisations who are registered as a KidSport community sporting club or association. 

Applications closed. 

Contact us

For support with your KidSport Club registration or to update your clubs details please contact us.

Email the KidSport team
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Page reviewed 20 December 2021