Conversion from a Club Restricted to Club licence

Requirements when converting licences for clubs.

Pursuant to section 63(ca) of the Liquor Control Act1988 (the Act), the licensing authority may remove the restrictions on a club restricted licence so that it can be converted to a club licence. Where a holder of a club restricted licence seeks to remove the restrictions imposed on that licence so that it operates as a club licence, an application to convert to a club licence is necessary.

In essence, the difference between a club restricted licence and a club licence is that a club restricted licence cannot sell packaged liquor to members, the trading hours are determined by the Director rather than specified by the Act and all liquor must be purchased from any retail or wholesale liquor outlet authorised to sell packaged liquor (other than the holder of a club licence).

Please note that penalty provisions apply to any person that does not comply with the requirements of the Act.

The licensing authority will generally only accept complete applications. Therefore, please ensure that all documentation is provided with your application to avoid delays.

Public interest test

In the case of an application to convert to a club licence, the applicant may be required to demonstrate that the application is in the public interest, having regard to the likely health and social impacts on the community and sub-groups within the community. The applicant will be advised during the processing of the application if it will apply.

Lodging the application

Applicants must lodge completed applications at the department. An application should be made using the forms provided below.

Department staff will be available between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm to assess your application to ensure that it meets the legislative requirements prior to lodgement

Application fees

An application is not considered lodged until the fee has been received. An invoice for payment will be issued on receipt of your emailed or posted form and can either be paid through the licensee's online portal account, by posting a cheque made payable to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries or a BPOINT payment link can be emailed on request. Application fees are not subject to GST.

Applications will not be progressed until the fee is received. Generally the application fee is not refundable, even if the application is refused or withdrawn.


Conversion applications
Fee description Fee (no GST applicable)
Conversion from a Club Restricted to Club Licence$45.50
Conversion from a Hotel to Tavern or Hotel Restricted$248.50
Converting or replacing a Special Facility Licence$248.50


Other documents that may be required (only if requested)


Related Policy

After lodgement, should you be requested to provide either a public interest assessment or plans for the premises the following policies provide more detail on requirements.

Submitting your application

Ensure all required documentation is attached to your application.

In person

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Level 2, Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street Perth WA 6000

By email

Ensure all documentation is attached to your email.

By post

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

PO Box 8349
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849


This information is designed to provide authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered, and with the understanding that the Director of Liquor Licensing is not passing legal opinion or interpretation or other professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its contents.

Page reviewed 22 February 2024