Extended Trading Permit One-off lodgement guide

Guidance for licensees on how to apply to extend the trading hours or licensed area of a permanent liquor licence for a one-off occasion.

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This lodgement guide should be read in conjunction with the Director’s policies in respect of Extended Trading Permits.

A One-off Extended Trading Permit (ETP) application is required where the licensee wishes to extend their permitted trading hours/area or manner of trade as afforded in the Act.

Licensees that hold a special facility licence must lodge a One-off Add, Vary or Cancel application instead.

Lodging the application

Applicants must complete an online application via our online portal, this application must be made from an account that is currently linked to the relevant liquor licence (the licensee’s account). If the licensee does not have an account, one must be created.

One-off ETP types

There are two different One-Off ETP types:

  1. Extended Hours and/or Area;
  2. Other (which includes non member, cocktail and nightclub functions and offsite catering).

When your application must be lodged

  • Up to 500 persons on premises for extension: 14 days prior to event date.
  • Over 500 persons on premises for extension: 60 days prior to event date.
  • Over 5000 persons on premises for extension: 90 days prior to event date.

Choosing the correct permit type

Our system is designed to assist you in selecting the correct permit type. However, to make it easier, the following can be used as a guide.

Extended Hours and/or Area

This permit type is used to extend the hours and/or area for a one-off event to be held on or adjacent to the existing liquor licensed premises. If the licensee intends to extend the licensed area to include an area not covered by the existing liquor licence then the licensee will also need to provide the written consent of the freehold owner and an outlined map of the proposed extended area.

Other (Non Members Functions — Club/Club Restricted Licences)

To be used when the holder of a Club or Club Restricted liquor licence wishes to hold an event for non-members (ie persons not members of the club or guests of members). This allows for non-members to purchase liquor directly from the bar without being a member or a guest of a member. Please note that this application can also include requests to extend the trading hours and/or licensed area.

Other (Cocktail Functions — Restaurant Licences)

This type of one off permit allows the licensee of a restaurant liquor licence to serve liquor to patrons not necessarily seated and not ancillary to a meal. Please note that this application can also include requests to extend the trading hours and/or licensed area.

Other (Nightclub Functions — Nightclub Licences)

The holder of a Nightclub licence may apply for a one-off extended trading permit to waive the requirement for continuous live entertainment for a special occasion or function. Please note that this application can also include requests to extend the trading hours and/or licensed area.

Offsite Catering (limited licence types)

A licensee who has been engaged to cater for a one off function not at the licensed premises may apply for this permit type for a one-off private function.

Submissions for Events over 500 persons

Where it is anticipated that more than 500 persons will be present in the proposed licensed area at any one time during the one-off event or function, submissions must be provided detailing the event and how it will be managed.

Lodgement through the portal

Applications for one-off Extended Trading Permits must be made under the name of the licensee of the licensed premises subject of the application.

Your current liquor licence will be in the name of one of the following:

  • An individual (natural person).
  • Partnership or organisation such as Body Corporate or Incorporated Body for example Restaurant Licensee – ABC Pty Ltd.

In early 2017, a letter was posted to all existing holders of liquor licences which contained a client reference and unique reference number. If you are a licensee and did not receive this letter, please contact the department on 61 8 6551 4888.

1.  Creating an account

First you must create an account. This account will be used to submit your applications, returns and change your address details.

  • Visit the online portal (opens a new window)
  • Select Create Account.
  • Add all required fields and click Register.
    • The username must be in lowercase letters and cannot contain spaces or symbols such as @, !, &.
    • The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 number, 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter.
  • An email will be sent to the email entered when completing the required fields.
    • Go to your email account and locate the registration email and click on the registration link to complete your account creation.
    • If copying the registration link please ensure you copy and paste the entire link into your internet browser.
  • To complete the account verification, log into your account when prompted by entering your username and password.
  • Click Register to finalise and activate your account.

Once your details have been entered and registered, you will not be required to register your details again. You can amend your details at anytime by logging into your account.

If you experience any issues with the account creation process please contact our department on 61 8 6551 4999.

Creating a new application

Once your account has full access to your liquor licence details you will be able to start a new one-off ETP Application.

  1. Click New Lodgement.
  2. From the drop down menus select Liquor and One-off Extended Trading Permit.
  3. Click Submit.

To complete this form you must fill in all the required fields and then click on Submit to lodge it. Please note that these applications are not considered fully submitted until payment has been made.

Please refer to the step-by-step instructions below for details on how to find and fill out the required application form online.

To avoid the online session timing out after 1 hour it is strongly recommended that the application be regularly saved using the save button.


This information is designed to provide authoritative information regarding the subject matter covered, and with the understanding that the Director is not passing legal opinion or interpretation or other professional advice. The information is provided on the understanding that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its contents.

Page reviewed 08 September 2023