Matters referred by the Director of Liquor Licensing

The Director may, if he or she considers it appropriate, refer the whole or part of any matter that is to be determined by the Director, or any question of law arising from such a matter, for hearing and determination by the commission.

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Constitution of the Commission

The commission is to be constituted by 3 members if:

  • the matter or part of a matter relates to an application for the grant or removal of a licence; or
  • the matter or part of a matter relates to the making, variation or revocation of a prohibition order under or an extended exclusion order; or
  • the Chairperson so determines.

All other matters referred by the Director will be considered by the commission constituted by 1 member.

The member or members who are to constitute the panel in relation to any application shall be selected by the Chairperson, who may have regard for their respective knowledge or experience relating to the matter referred.

Appealing the decision of commission constituted by 1 member

If an interested person wants to appeal against the decision of the commission constituted by 1 member, that person must lodge their appeal within 1 month after the decision.

The appeal can be lodged by:

  • hand delivery:
    Level 2, 140 William Street, Perth WA, 6000
  • pre-paid post:
    PO Box 8349, Perth Business Centre WA 6849
  • facsimile transmission to 61 8 9325 1041
  • email to

A copy of the appeal is to be served on every other person who was an interested person in which the relevant decision was made.

The application must clearly state the:

  • name, address and telephone number of the appellant
  • decision the appellant is appealing against
  • grounds of the appeal
  • name of the member who gave the decision
  • date of the decision.
Page reviewed 27 October 2023