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Costs of and incidentals to proceedings.

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The costs of and incidental to all proceedings are to be determined by the Commission, including any adjournment, shall be in the discretion of the Commission, and the Commission has power to determine by whom, in what manner and to what extent costs are to be paid.

The costs may be recovered in any manner in which costs payable in respect of proceedings of the District Court may be recovered.

Costs and expenses, to be payable by or to a party to the proceedings, may be awarded by the Commission in respect of an objection whether the application to which the objection relates is granted, refused or withdrawn, except that costs shall not be awarded in relation to an objection made under section 73(1) by a person authorised to intervene under section 69(6), (7), (8) or (11).

Where in the opinion of the Commission, a person has brought proceedings or exercised a right, or attempted to exercise a purported right to object to an application, frivolously or vexatiously, the Commission may award costs against that person.

Enforcement of costs

If a monetary penalty is imposed by the Commission, the amount of the penalty is to be paid and its payment may be enforced under Part 4 of the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act 1994 as if the amount were a fine.

Fees and charges as at 1 January 2024
Lodging an application for the review of a decision by the Director (rule 5 and section 25 of the Act)$443.50
Lodging an appeal against a decision of the Commission constituted by one member (rule 6 and section 28(4a) of the Act)$443.50
Cost per page for the supply of a copy of a document or transcript of an electronic recording under rule 14$5
Appeal for review of the barring notice issued by the Commissioner of Police$272.50
Appeal for review of the exclusion order issued by the WA Police$272.50
Review of a banned drinker order (BDO) made (or extended) by a police officer or of a decision of the Commissioner of Police to refuse an application to revoke a BDO$272.50

Application forms

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