Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal (RPAT)

The Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal was created to maintain industry confidence in the enforcement of the various racing rules by providing the industry with an impartial judicial forum for the hearing of appeals against RWWA determinations.

The Tribunal is responsible for hearing and determining appeals against penalties imposed in disciplinary proceedings arising from, or in relation to, the conduct of greyhound racing, horse racing and harness racing.

A person, who is aggrieved by a RWWA decision, or a determination of a steward or a committee of a racing club, may make an appeal to the tribunal within 14 days of the decision being handed down. The matters that can be appealed against are those determinations or findings:

  • imposing any suspension or disqualification, whether of a runner or of a person;
  • imposing a fine;
  • which results, or may result, in the giving of a notice of the kind commonly referred to as a 'warning-off'; or
  • in relation to any other matter, where the Tribunal gives leave to appeal.

The department provides executive support to the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal in the form of a registry service. The registrar of the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal accepts Notices of Appeal, arranges the listing and hearing of matters before the tribunal and acts as the tribunal's bench clerk during hearings. The Registrar also maintains a comprehensive index of all matters heard by the tribunal.

Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal

Page reviewed 13 June 2019