Appendix 3 – resources and references

Public open space strategy guide for local governments.

Department resources

Other initiatives

Healthy Active by Design – Heart Foundation


General references

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Western Australian State Government publications and web addresses

Department of Lands (2013) The Crown Land Practice Manual: Section 152 Reserves

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State and regional planning web addresses

WA local government POS strategies

Shire of Capel (2011) Public Open Space Strategy 2011 – 2021

City of Cockburn (2014) Public Open Space Strategy 2014 - 2024

City of Geraldton (2014) Draft Public Open Space Strategy

Shire of Irwin (2011) Public Open Space Strategy

City of Gosnells (2014) Public Open Space Strategy

City of Stirling (2008) Public Open Space Strategy

City of Wanneroo (2010) Local Planning Policy 4.3 Public Open Space

Town of Port Headland (2014) Active Open Space Strategy

Approaches from other states

Landcom 2008 Open Spaces Design Guidelines

Hunter New England Population Health (February 2012) Liveability assessment tool

NSW Department of Planning (2010) Recreation and Open Space Planning Guidelines for Local Government

Parks and Leisure Australia (2013) Open Space Planning and Design Guide: Victoria and Tasmania

Department of Local Government and Planning (2011) Positively Green Queensland - Greenspace Strategy 2011–2020: Protecting our lifestyle, environment and places to play

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Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (2013) Practice Note 70: Open space strategies

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Useful websites

Healthy Spaces and Places is  a unique collaboration between the Australian Local Government Association, the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Planning Institute of Australia was originally funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Healthy Spaces & Places supports and complements planning and design initiatives throughout Australia. It is a single source of easy-to-find, practical information from experts in health, planning, urban design, community safety and transport planning.

This website includes:

  • design principles that are the foundation stones of healthier more active communities
  • different development types where these principles can be applied
  • information about how to make planning for healthier communities happen
  • Australian case studies that show what is achievable and which have potentially wider application, and
  • links to the health and planning research.

Healthy Active by Design (HAbD) is a tool to inform the design of communities that support and promote healthy and active living. Practical guidance, checklists and case-studies are categorised into nine key design features that will assist planners, urban designers and related professionals to design a built environment that enables people to be healthy and active in their community. Other potential users of the resource include professionals from health, community development and sport and recreation who wish to advocate for and promote health and wellbeing across a range of projects.

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