Step 7 – implementation

Public open space strategy guide for local governments.

A comprehensive implementation plan to deliver the strategies and opportunities identified in step 6, should consider:

  • input from, and integration into the activities of, all divisions of the local government
  • integration into the community strategic plan and corporate plan
  • facility management, programming and services
  • statutory planning instruments
  • funding opportunities
  • budget pricing and charges plan.

Open space and recreation strategies should be tied to council’s community strategic plan and four year corporate plan, supported by a resourcing strategy which includes asset management plans, long-term financial plans. References to open space and recreation needs will be linked across these plans and be incorporated into local planning strategies, local planning schemes development contribution plans (through community facilities plans).  

Funding options include:

  • development contributions paid in Western Australia as development contributions for associated community facilities including new open space and community facilities. The strategic justification must be contained in the community facilities plan with a clearly demonstrated need and nexus
  • voluntary planning agreements made by council and the developer of land and may provide for either or both funds and land to be directed towards community facilities
  • special area rates may be applied to some or all ratepayers to fund particular open space projects when approved by the department
  • grant funding may be available through agencies such as the department.
Page reviewed 09 March 2021