About Ern Halliday

Sanctuary in the suburbs.

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can participate in unique and exciting outdoor recreation activities within the Perth metropolitan area. Whether it is the conquest of the first abseil, the team success on the Jacob's Ladder or tunnelling through the cave, it will be an experience and an adventure to remember always. 

Paddling at Ern Halliday

Information for camp leaders and supervisors

Leader responsibilities

What is your role on camp programs?

All groups with participants under the age of 18 years must supply appropriate adult supervision at each program site. Ern Halliday staff will supervise the participants while participating in department facilitated programs and minimise the risk of injury to them wherever possible. Group supervisors are required to take responsibility for the monitoring of the group and individuals behaviour and enforce disciplinary action as required. Ern Halliday staff have the right to discipline or remove participants from a program either temporarily or permanently if they deem them to be a risk to themselves or others in the group.

We encourage teachers and adults to participate in all programs to build a strong rapport with the group, provide duty of care, assess where appropriate and enjoy the experience for themselves.

Creating a positive experiential environment

We expect group leaders to ensure the following: 

  • Students are on time and prepared adequately for the specific program.
  • Encourage students in a positive and non-intimidating way.
  • Participate in the activities, however be aware if the program requires problem solving or decision making, refrain from providing too much support that impedes the skill being demonstrated.

There may be occasions where teachers and adults are asked to help facilitate certain aspects of a program. The instructor will discuss this responsibility with the group leader prior to the commencement of the program. 

What is your role outside of camp programs? 

It's recommended that a supervision roster is developed to supervise free time, meals and other activities. It's also recommended room checks are done after lights out to ensure students are asleep. We encourage all staff to be briefed about their roles and responsibilities prior to camp.

What to know before camp

What camp leaders should bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow slip
  • Blankets, sheets (optional)
  • Shorts and tee shirts (no sleeveless shirts to promote sun safety)
  • Jeans
  • Warm clothing: jumpers and tracksuit pants
  • Raincoat
  • Underwear
  • Swimming attire
  • Two towels (beach and shower)
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Thongs (for beach activities)
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Torch
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Alarm clock
  • First aid kit
  • A day backpack
  • Ern Halliday client information pack
  • Camera
  • Relevant paperwork including student medical forms, emergency response document
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • Personal medication.

Emergency plan

Please familiarise yourself with our emergency plan. The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp emergency mobile is 0417 948 816. Camp leaders should provide their own emergency mobile to parents and campers.

Risk management

First aid

All DSR Camps staff are required to have a current senior first aid or equivalent qualification as a minimum. In the event of an injury occurring to a participant during one of our programs our staff will provide first aid care. First aid care may be handed over to the client group upon their request and only if they have personnel capable of delivering an equivalent or better standard of care due to their training and experience upon their request.

Ern Halliday camp management highly recommends every client group should have at least one qualified and current first aid practitioner and their own comprehensive first aid kit on site at all times.
Oxygen and advanced first aid equipment is onsite in the office and all full time staff are trained in its use. Should an ambulance need to be called, please notify camp staff or the emergency number.

Muster points

There are five separate muster points (emergency assembly areas) located at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp. Please find these points on page 2 of our Emergency Response Plan which can be found on our website. 


To facilitate programs at Ern Halliday, all staff must have completed a DSR induction and have been deemed competent by a senior staff member in the particular pursuit they are facilitating. Depending on the program being facilitated, qualifications relating to that outdoor activity are also required by DSR.

Alcohol policy

Please familiarise yourself with our Alcohol Policy.

What to know upon arrival

Upon arrival

When you arrive you will need to check in at the front office. Your group will be given an accommodation briefing by one of our staff members who will ensure all appropriate paperwork has been completed. 

Gate access

To increase site safety and ensure that only authorised vehicles access the site, a cable gate has been installed at the entrance of the camp.

Your allocated unique five digit Booking ID (BID) number followed by a # will be the code you need to use to gain access through the gate. Please inform all members of your group this code is required to access the site. 

To exit the site, simply drive slowly close to the gate and it will drop automatically. Should any issues be encountered follow the clear directions displayed at the gate.  

You will be posted specific directions about use of the cable gate prior to your arrival onsite. The code will only be active for the duration of your stay.


When you check in at the front office you will be given a set of keys. These will open all of the dorm and dining hall doors that you have access to. Any lost keys will incur a replacement fee.


If your meals are organised through our contract caterer they will take care of all the cooking and washing up during your stay. All you need to do is clear the plates to the central cleaning area. This will be explained to you by your helpful chef. Upon arrival it's recommended that you confirm meal times and dietary requirements with the chef.

Tables and chairs

The dining hall is equipped to easily seat more than your dorms capacity. The chairs and tables are located in a storeroom in the dining hall. These are to be packed away as indicated by the signs located in this area. Please ensure that all tables and chairs are returned and chairs stacked in towers of 10 prior to departure.

Dining hall set up 

You are responsible for the set-up of your own tables and chairs. Feel free to arrange these in any format to suit your group’s needs for both dining and/or meeting. As you don't share your dining room with other groups, equipment can be left set up, however, please ensure security of your valuables as the camp takes no responsibility for any loss during your stay.

What to know whilst on camp

The following are a few things to be mindful of when on camp. 


Wheelie bins have been provided in various locations for your use. These should be empty (or close to it) upon your arrival onsite. They will be emptied after you depart. Should you notice that your bins are becoming full, please inform a staff member who will ensure they are emptied. Please don't leave rubbish bags outside or next to the bins as the local wildlife will make a mess of them.

Toilets and showers 

Each dorm area has showers and toilets and has provisions for disabled campers. When returning from the beach, use the taps outside to remove any excess sand prior to entering the dorms. There are also toilets located within your dining hall. If you notice the toilet paper supplies becoming low, please inform one of our staff members who will restock them. 

Laundry facilities 

Your group has access to a free to use washing machine and dryer. You will need to provide all washing detergent for these machines.

Cleaning responsibilities and equipment

Each dorm has dust pans, brushes and brooms. Each of these is clearly labelled and must not be removed from the dorm. There is also cleaning equipment located within your dining hall. It's your group’s responsibility to ensure your dorms and dining hall are kept clean during your stay. This includes mopping up any spills and removing sand from the floors.

Recreation programs

If your group is participating in any of our recreation programs on site, it's your group’s responsibility to be at each program site on time for the start of the program. If you don't know where programs are please ask one of our staff members who can provide a map to point out the meeting area..  

Audio visual equipment

Each dining hall is equipped with a television along with a VCR/DVD combo unit. These are mounted on the wall and cannot be moved. There is also a projector screen and large white board mounted on the walls for your convenience. Should you require a data projector we have one that can be hired or you can bring your own. Please contact our staff for pricing prior to your arrival as this is required to be pre–booked to ensure availability. 

Beach access

Our proximity to the beach allows for quick and easy access. Access to the beach is via the sand track located just west of the Cardinal Meeting Hall. This track leads to an underpass below Whitfords Avenue ensuring safe passage to the beach. The pedestrian/cycle path also leads to Hillarys Boat Harbour, approximately a 15 minute walk.

If you wish to run activities on the beach we advise that you walk approximately 100m south past the dog beach (towards Hillarys Boat Harbour).

Security and valuables 

To ensure the safety of your valuables please ensure that you lock all dorms and dining halls whilst they are unattended. The camp takes all care however is not responsible for lost items. Some areas may be alarmed against intruders. Please discuss this option with camp staff.

What to know prior to leaving camp


Prior to your departure, our Accommodation Officer will come and see you and complete any final paperwork. You will be asked for formal records of adults and children who stayed at the camp on each night as well as the number of day visitors who attended each day. Please gather an accurate record of these numbers prior to the last day of your stay.

Departure time

You must have vacated the dormitories and dining hall prior to 10am Monday to Saturday, 2pm on Sunday or public holiday. Should you require this time to be different please arrange this at the time of booking. We may be able to accommodate this, however due to operational requirements we can't guarantee we will be able to extend these hours. 

Seated meals are not permitted on departure days. Our caterers can provide a packed lunch that can be enjoyed under the shady trees.

Lost property 

Any lost property found during your stay or after your departure is collected and placed in our lost property cage. Uncollected goods are donated to local charities if they aren't collected after one month. 

Loss or breakage

Should anything be lost or broken please inform our staff members during your stay. Additional costs associated with repair or replacement may be charged.

Cleaning responsibilities 

Although all dorm areas are thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, to make our job easier, prior to departure from the camp, your group will be required to do some simple clean up around the areas you have used:

  • Sweep all dorms, bathrooms and dining halls
  • Ensure one mattress, fitted sheet, pillow and pillow slip on each bed
  • Pick up all rubbish from the areas utilised (we encourage each group to perform an emu bob)
  • Remove any lost property from dorm areas
  • Mop all spills in dorms and dining halls. 

Our cleaning staff will use a floor scrubbing machine to clean dining floors more thoroughly.


Please ensure that each bed has a pillow and maroon pillow case together with a fitted bed sheet. Prior to departure please check the sleeping and bathroom areas to ensure no personal items have been left behind and all rubbish is placed in the bin provided. 

Dining Hall

Wipe down all tables with a damp cloth. All tables and chairs must be packed away and stored correctly in the table and chair store room. Follow the instructions on the signs in these areas. The entire dining hall needs to be swept clean of dirt and rubbish. There is no need for you to mop the entire dining hall however, please mop any excessively dirty areas. There are dust pans and brooms provided for your use.

Key return

As you leave the camp please ensure that you drop all keys you have at the office. If the office is unattended please drop the keys in the drop box next to the door. 


An invoice will be forwarded to your group after your stay with details of all accommodation and program related charges. Catering charges will be invoiced separately by our contract caterer. 


We seek feedback and improvement ideas. Please take the time to complete and return the feedback form that you will receive in the post after your stay. After all, the only way we can improve is to know what can be improved.

Information for parents/guests

Getting ready for camp

Going on camp is exciting for most children but can be terrifying for others. It is important that parents talk with their children prior to them going on camp and discuss any concerns they may have: missing home, sharing with others, fear of participating in a certain activity. Please try to reassure them that they are in good hands and that the school staff and the Ern Halliday staff will take good care of them. Remember to also discuss what they are looking forward to or are most excited about attending camp. By talking with your child on a number of occasions prior to attending will help them prepare for their camp experience. 

What to bring

When staying at Ern Halliday the following items are required by each guest:

  • Sleeping bag or single sheet and doona or sufficient blankets
  • Pillow case – or own pillow if preferred
  • Towels (1 bath towel and 1 beach towel)
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Insect repellent (roll-on)
  • Personal medication – e.g. diabetes, Ventolin, EpiPen. Medical conditions and medications must be discussed with the camp leader
  • Torch
  • Rain coat
  • Bathers/board shorts and rash vest
  • Thongs/sandals for beach activities
  • Trainers/sneakers x 2 pairs (all roping and land based activities require enclosed footwear)
  • Sufficient clothing suitable for the season and intended activities.

What to leave at home

  • Chewing gum
  • Spray aerosol cans including deodorant or insect repellent – use roll-on types if required
  • Camp participants are advised not to bring valuables to camp (like jewellery, money, portable music and gaming devices, etc)
  • Mobile phones – parents to contact camp leader in emergencies
  • High heel shoes.

Medical conditions and medications

It is important that the group supervisors and Ern Halliday staff have ready access to the relevant medical information to be able to respond appropriately to an emergency situation and prevent further injury. Medications should be stored appropriately and located within close proximity to the person to whom the medication belongs.

Page reviewed 23 October 2020