A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications


High PerformancePlanning Guidefor State Sporting Associations cover

High Performance Planning Guide for State Sporting Associations

This guide highlights the value of HP planning, how an organisation can use effective planning to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes, and outlines the various key components of a high performance plan.

Outdoor Opportunities cover

Outdoor Opportunities

How being active outdoors benefits children and adolescents.

The relationship between organised recreational activity and mental health

A review of current literature indicates that people who participate in sports clubs and organised recreational activity enjoy better mental health, are more alert, and more resilient against the stresses of modern living.

Sport and Recreation and Public Health cover

Sport and Recreation and Public Health

A resource for community sector professionals working in local government.

Water safety

Position on water safety

Workplace physical activity

Position on workplace physical activity/wellbeing.

Sport and recreation organisations – governance

Position on sport and recreation organisations – governance

National sport system equity

Position on national sport system equity

Junior sport

Position on junior sport

Governance and State investment in sport

Policy on governance and State investment in sport

Definition of sport and active recreation

Position on the definition of sport and active recreation

Sport and Recreation Human Resources Guide cover

Sport and Recreation Human Resources Guide

The Human Resources (HR) Guide and Tool Kit has many documents, policies and supporting templates, aimed at improving the level of human resources management within the sport and recreation industry in Western Australia.

Officials in sport

Position on officials in sport


Position on coaching



Position statement on volunteers.

Benefits of sport and recreation

Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities across Western Australia.

More than winning cover

More than winning – the real value of sport and recreation in Western Australia

The department advocates and supports projects to strengthen communities through sport and recreation.

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