A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications

AOM Phase 2 WA Snapshot July 2020

Audience Outlook Monitor: Phase Two July 2020 — WA Snapshot

How national and Western Australian audiences felt in July 2020 about attending arts and culture events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) at Crown Perth policy

Restrictions apply to the placement of and withdrawal limits from, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) located at Crown Perth.

Benefits of sport and recreation

Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities across Western Australia.

C:\Users\gwhite\DLGSC\DLGSC Website - Documents\Content\Images\Best Practice Guideline on the Identification, Investigation and Handling of Nuisance Dogs cover

Best Practice Guideline on the Identification, Investigation and Handling of Nuisance Dogs

This guideline is designed to assist local governments respond to nuisance barking complaints within their districts.

Bingo information and guide for permit holders

Guide for Bingo permit holders.

Brain Boost cover

Brain Boost

How sport and physical activity enhance children’s learning what the research is telling us.

Brain boost cover

Brain boost (2010)

Sport and physical activity enhance childrens learning 2010.

Burials outside a proclaimed cemetery

Burials in the State of Western Australia are governed by the Cemeteries Act 1986.

Careers in sport and recreation

Careers in sport and recreation

This guide will introduce you to some of the disciplines within the sport and recreation sector and provide a glimpse into the roles and requirements that exist in these areas.

Casino gaming on cruise ships policy

Guidance for cruise ships with onboard casino gaming facilities travelling through or docking in Western Australian waters.

Cat Local Law Guidelines

This guideline has been prepared as an alternative to a Model Cat Local Law, to assist local governments in developing a Cat Local Law that caters for their unique situation.

Changing Methods of Valuation of Land

Local Government Operational Guidelines

Charter boats policy

This policy provides guidance as to the legislative and operational requirements associated with the sale, supply and consumption of liquor on commercial charter boats.

Child safeguarding

Position on child safeguarding

Clarity in Council Motions

Local Government Operational Guidelines

Classification Framework for Public Open Space cover

Classification Framework for Public Open Space

The primary purpose of this framework is to define terminology that can be universally used to describe public open space.

Climate Change cover

Climate Change: Climate change is no longer just a concept

How climate change could affect sport and recreation now and in the future.

Generic publication cover

Club team manager

Team managers have an extremely important role ensuring the successful management of the team and welfare of the athletes in their care.

C:\Users\gwhite\DLGSC\DLGSC Website - Documents\Content\Images\Clubs guide to volunteer management cover

Clubs’ guide to volunteer management

Volunteers are one of the most important resources in your club so managing them effectively should be a priority. This resource will help you keep those you currently have and attract new ones to your club as well.


Position on coaching

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