A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications

Local Laws

Local Government Operational Guidelines

Lodgers policy

Guidance on lodgers on licensed premises.

Long-term involvement Junior sport policy cover

Long-term involvement – Junior sport policy

A major objective for junior sport is the development of life-long participation in sport.

Making sport safe  Junior sport policy cover

Making sport safe – Junior sport policy

Sport providers have a legal duty of care to protect the welfare of young people and ensure they are not exposed to unnecessary risk in any aspect of sports delivery.

Management Plan Guide cover

Management Plan Guide

The information in this guide will assist facility managers to prepare a management plan for a sport and recreation facility. A management plan will ensure managers achieve efficient management practices for a successful facility.

Managers at licensed premises policy

An approved manager must, unless the Director of Liquor Licensing determines otherwise, be present at the licensed premises.

Managing Public Question Time

Local Government Operational Guidelines

Mandatory training policy

Guidance for mandatory training

Match-fixing in sport policy

Outline of the Gaming and Wagering Commission’s strategy incomplying with the National Policy on Match-Fixing in Sport.

MindMatters cover

Mind Matters

A healthy mind in a healthy body: How playing sport and being physically active improves mental health.

Ministers Sport and Recreation Sector Briefing March 2018 cover

Minister’s Sport and Recreation Sector Briefing

Sport and recreation has an essential role in forming and maintaining the fabric of our communities and our society overall.

Moore River Native Settlement Centenary Photographic Collection cover

Moore River Native Settlement and Mogumber Cemetery Centenary

Moore River Native Settlement Centenary photographic collection​

More People More Active Outdoors cover

More People More Active Outdoors

A Framework for Outdoor Recreation in Western Australia 2019.

More than winning cover

More than winning – the real value of sport and recreation in Western Australia

The department advocates and supports projects to strengthen communities through sport and recreation.

National sport system equity

Position on national sport system equity

Native Title Access Policy

Access to information that is culturally sensitive to Aboriginal people can only do so with permission.

Curtin Hockey Stadium

Natural Grass vs Synthetic Turf Study Report

The use of synthetic turf playing surfaces is becoming more popular in Australia and internationally.

Needs Assessment Guide cover

Needs Assessment Guide

A needs assessment is the vital first step in the planning process for a facility. This guide will assist facility planners in determining whether a proposed facility is needed by the community.

Net Current Assets Used in the Annual Budget

Local Government Operational Guidelines

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