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KidSport helps thousands of children in Western Australia to experience the benefits of community sport at registered KidSport Clubs. Help more families and children find your club by registering online using the KidSport Club how-to guide.

Benefits for registered KidSport clubs include:

  • promotion on the public Find a KidSport Club page
  • access to the online KidSport Club portal
  • access to redeem vouchers as payment for applicant’s club fees
  • access to materials to promote your sport in the community.

KidSport Club eligibility

To be an eligible KidSport Club, a club needs to deliver a recognised sport and be either a community sport club, incorporated organisation, business, school or Parents and Citizens Association that meet the mandatory criteria.

DLGSC has the authority to determine whether a club or organisation is eligible, and meets the below mandatory criteria, to participate in the KidSport voucher program.

All KidSport Clubs must:

In addition, KidSport Clubs must meet the criteria outlined in the relative category for their organisation, as follows:

Community sport club or incorporated organisation

  • be incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 2015 (WA) or an Indigenous organisation under the Corporations (Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth)
  • provide an activity which meets DLGSC’s definition of sport
  • provide a program with a minimum 8 weeks of sport activity.


  • be registered and affiliated with the DLGSC recognised state sporting association for the sport provided by the business
  • provide an activity which meets DLGSC’s definition of sport
  • provide a program with a minimum 8 weeks of sport activity.

School or Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

  • be a registered Western Australian school or a Parent and Citizens Association linked to a registered Western Australian school
  • team must be entered into a community sporting program or competition affiliated with a DLGSC recognised state sporting association
  • provide an activity which meets DLGSC’s definition of sport
  • provide a program with a minimum 8 weeks of sport activity.

Swim school

  • be endorsed by a DLGSC recognised state sporting association or peak body
  • align with the National Water Safety Framework and have qualified instructors.

KidSport Club eligibility is outlined in full on the KidSport policy.

Registering as a KidSport club

  1. Download the KidSport Club how-to guide.
  2. Register a KidSport Club portal account and provide your club details.
  3. Once your club is assessed you will be contacted by the KidSport team with an outcome.
  4. If approved, your club will appear in the list of clubs for parents to select during their online KidSport application and be promoted on the Find a KidSport Club page.

Information for KidSport Clubs

Below are a few tips to support KidSport Clubs to keep their club information up to date and manage the KidSport voucher process.

Redeeming KidSport vouchers

  1. Your club will be notified by email when a child has been sent a KidSport voucher to use to join your club.
  2. The parent/guardian will give you the voucher code for each child joining your club.
  3. Once the child is confirmed and registered, the club can log into the KidSport Club portal and redeem the voucher by matching the code to the child’s name and validating it.
  4. Once redeemed, DLGSC will schedule payment to your club.

The parent/guardian must provide the voucher at the time of registration. Parents cannot be required by the club to pre-pay a child's membership, the voucher must be accepted as a form of payment.

All voucher codes will have a 90-day expiry from the date of issue. If a voucher is not used and expires, the parent can re-apply online for a new voucher. 

KidSport Clubs are encouraged to offer come-and-try days or trial sessions to help families ensure they enjoy the club environment and understand the commitments of sport. Vouchers should only be validated once your club is sure the child will be attending and has registered - this will help minimise the need for refunds. 

Updating your club details

Club details including bank details and fees can be managed by logging into the KidSport Club portal. It is important that information is kept up to date and accurate at all times to ensure clubs receive the appropriate payment when vouchers are redeemed.

The KidSport Club how-to guide includes detailed steps on how to access fees in the Club portal.

If you aren’t sure how to log in or are a new contact for the club — contact KidSport to set up a new primary contact for the club.

Updating club fees

KidSport Club fees must be updated annually, fees are used to assess KidSport voucher applications, so it is important to keep these up to date.

  • Clubs cannot have differing fee amounts for KidSport and non-KidSport children.
  • When listing participation/registration/membership fees, be descriptive in the title, and include the ages appropriate for each fee.
Essential uniforms and equipment fees

Essential uniforms and equipment can now be purchased from a KidSport club using KidSport vouchers. It is at the discretion of the club if they choose to opt in and accept KidSport vouchers for uniforms and equipment.

  • To opt in, log into the KidSport portal and add on any eligible uniform and equipment fees.
  • To opt out, all clubs are opted out by default, if you have previously opted in simply remove all uniform or equipment fees to opt out.

Helping parents access KidSport

Your club can help families access KidSport by promoting the program and sharing information on how to apply.

  • Check out the promotional toolkit for images and sample text to use in social media posts and newsletters.
  • Families having difficulty applying? Empower one of your club volunteers, parent helpers, or even older kids at the club to help with the online form. The person helping cannot be the KidSport Club primary contact and they should have parent/guardian’s full consent.
  • Some families may want to contact the KidSport team direct for assistance on 61 8 9492 9911.
  • Special consideration applications through a Support Agent are available for families who are in need but may not have access to concession cards, such as asylum seekers, refugees or children in care. 

Refund guidelines

Recommendations to help assist clubs where a KidSport voucher has been paid and a refund requested by the parent. Review the guidelines before proceeding with a refund enquiry.

Contact us

For support with your KidSport Club registration or to update your clubs details please contact us.

Email the KidSport team at
Telephone 61 8 9492 9911

Page reviewed 18 March 2024