Running your club

A series of well-researched, yet simple to follow resource booklets, including advice, how-to guides, checklists and templates to give you guidance and help on everything from running meetings, solving problems, right through to sponsorship and fundraising, and marketing and promoting your club.

Establishing your club rules cover

Establishing your club constitution and becoming incorporated

Your club may have been active for a while and you need to adopt a constitution.
Problem solving  A guide for clubs cover

Problem solving – A guide for clubs

There are a number of ways that can be used to assist with or facilitate group or committee based problem solving. This booklet looks at three possible methods or techniques but there are many more.
Effective club meetings  A guide for the chairperson cover

Effective club meetings – A guide for the chairperson

If you are inexperienced in chairing formal meetings, such as the club Annual General Meeting or the monthly club meetings, this resource provides some helpful hints.
Effective club meetings  A guide for the chairperson cover

Delegation – Help for the overworked committee member

This resource highlights some common-sense steps to ensuring your workload will be lighter, that your group won’t have members who just ‘make up the numbers’ and that it will be seen as an effective team.

Management and planning

Clubs need to plan their long-term viability in order to grow.

Planning helps to:

  • Look at where the club has come from, where it is now, where it wants to go and how it is going to get there
  • Identify the main objectives of the club
  • Encourage the members to get involved in the development of the club
  • Adjust to changes in the current environment that have an impact on the club
  • Ensure that resources (human, physical and financial) are used effectively
  • Evaluate the progress of the club
  • Bring order into the hectic business of running a club.A plan provides an essential guide to the club committee, especially new members to that committee
  • Educate and provide information to groups/stakeholders external to the club. For example, it is usual for the local government to be an essential ‘partner’ for the club. Your local government should be provided with a copy of your plan or at least ‘walked through’ the plan to ensure they have an understanding of the club’s future.
Planning for your club cover

Planning for your club – The future is in your hands

Planning is the key to the future for all sporting and recreation clubs no matter their level, activity or size.

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