A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications


Arts Monitor 2018 Survey

Arts and Culture Monitor 2018 – Survey Report

The department commissions independent research consultants to undertake an annual survey of WA's value and attitudes towards culture and the arts

Kimberley Report

Integrating Art Production and Economic Development in the Kimberley, 2015-2016

The Macquarie University study is part of a National Survey of Remote Indigenous Artists.

Segmentation Analysis Survey

WA Audience Segmentation, 2012 – Survey Report

An audience segmentation study was conducted in 2012 to analyse the data gathered from the the department’s Arts and Culture Monitor 2007-2011 surveys.

Segmentation Analysis infographic

WA Audience Segmentation, 2012 — Infographic

An infographic representing results from the WA Audience Segmentation study.

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis Infographic

An Overview of Western Australia's Creative Industries, 2013

Infographic - The cultural and creative industries are those areas of practice that turn original individual creativity into social and commercial outcomes.

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis report

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis for Western Australia, 2013

The report has updated the mapping undertaken in 2007 with the 2011 Census employment data to provide invaluable information for the State’s creative industries, their peak associations and potential investors.

Live Music Venues Review, 2015

Desktop review of live music venues in Western Australia.

Present State — An inquiry into the visual arts sector in Western Australia 2016

Research paper released that provided an evidence base for discussions and to undertake sector consultation.

WA Writing Sector Review — Consultant's Review Final Report, 2017

In late 2016, consultants were engaged to undertake a review of the sector under governance of an independent reference group with expertise in writing sector development.

Writing Sector Review cover page

Writing Sector Review Reference Group Recommendations, 2017

These recommendations should be read in conjunction with the consultant report Writing Sector Review Final Recommendations.

Writing Sector Review Final Recommendations, 2017

The Writing Sector Review Final Recommendations are the department’s responses that are targeted, readily implementable and cost-effective solutions for the writing sector.

Local Government Standards Panel Annual Report 2017-2018

The Local Government Standards Panel (the Standards Panel) is the primary standards panel established under Part 5 Division 9 and Schedule 5.1 of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act).

Combat Sports Commission 2017-18 Annual Report

For the safety and organisation of combat sports.

The 4th R cover

The 4th R: Recreation

The 4th R resource package aims to provide guidance for educators choosing the departments recreation camps programs.

Two Year Action Plan for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries 2019-20 cover

Two Year Action Plan for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries 2019-20

To make Western Australia a world class arts, cultural, sport and Aboriginal tourism destination.

Sports dimensions guide

In Australia there are currently many exciting new developments in the provision of sport and recreation facilities such as indoor aquatic play areas. There is also a demand for traditional sports playing areas and facilities.

Needs Assessment Guide cover

Needs Assessment Guide

A needs assessment is the vital first step in the planning process for a facility. This guide will assist facility planners in determining whether a proposed facility is needed by the community.

Classification Framework for Public Open Space cover

Classification Framework for Public Open Space

The primary purpose of this framework is to define terminology that can be universally used to describe public open space.

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