How to apply

How to apply for the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) and the Club Night Lights Program.


Applicants must be either a local government, not-for-profit sport, recreation or community organisation and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Clubs must demonstrate that any member of the public will be able to access the facility on a short-term and casual basis.

For more information about eligibility please read the CSRFF guidelines or the Club Night Lights Program guidelines.

Application forms

Applicants must complete the required application form including all attachments. Applications are available from your local government (metropolitan) or your department regional office.

Draft applications forms

Application forms are provided as an example only. Contact your regional office or  local government for a copy.


Applications must be submitted to your local government by the deadline. Each local government will set their own deadline for applications, so please check with them.

Payments for successful applicants

Annual and forward planning grantees are able to claim 25% of their grant upon the signing of a major works contract. 50% of the grant may then be claimed once expenditure has reached 50%. The final 25% of the grant is to be claimed upon the completion of the project. It is important to note that the CSRFF program still primarily operates on a reimbursement basis. Grantees are required to demonstrate that the expenditure of funds has occurred prior to submitting a claim for payment.

Under the CSRFF small grants program applicants can receive an upfront grant payment upon the signing of a works contract (copy of signed contract to be provided to the department) or where no formal works contract exists, payment will be determined on a case by case basis in consultation with the applicant. Upon completion of a project the applicant will be required to acquit the grant by providing the CSRFF claim forms and sufficient evidence of expenditure. 

Electronic Fund Transfers for grant payments are payable to the applicant/grantee only. This may have taxation implications for grantees. If grantees wish specific advice relating to their grant, this can be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office. Please note depending upon the value of the project and/or grant, the Australian Taxation Office may require than an organisation be registered for GST.

A CSRFF grant will only be available in the financial year(s) in which it is offered. Grants that are not claimed in the year(s) of offer will be withdrawn. CSRFF grants are available only for expenditure on the project for which the grant is provided.

Page reviewed 05 February 2024